Tuesday, 19 January 2021

Femme Luxe Sweatpants: WFH Wear

Welcome to my first post of 2021 guys!! I have recently gotten some really cute things again from Femme Luxe! 

I am a sucker for their loungewear, and I thought I'd show you guys what I have been wearing this week.

Their sweatpants are super warm and cosy, perfect for wearing pretty much all day at the moment.. even during online calls!! Might as well be nice and cosy on the bottom of course..  The first pair I wanted to show you are these gorgeous marble joggers. How cute are these?! They are so unique and ridiculously cosy. The print is super high quality as well, just an all round well made pair of trousers. I am literally in love with them, and they sell a white and lilac version that I am really tempted to get too!!

I’ve also been loving these gorgeous plaid sweatpants which are really different and not a design I’ve really seen before on joggers. They are the comfiest things ever and I’ve been living in them non-stop, especially at the moment! 

As always, I thoroughly recommend checking out the Femme Luxe site and grabbing yourself some deals - if you are working from home at the moment then now is the perfect time to invest in some loungewear. Their clothing is super affordable and just all round lovely.

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