Sunday, 1 November 2020

What I wore this weekend in October

I've been off work this week for half term and I've been enjoying some relaxation and a nice mental break. I thought I'd do a little what I wore this weekend before I go back tomorrow.

The left is what I wore on Saturday to go sofa shopping (how exciting!). My top is from Femme Luxe Finery - it's just a plain black long sleeved top linked here. It wears and washes super well so I always end up wearing it. My cardigan is also from Femme Luxe - it's long and super thick and cozy, I wear it constantly. That one's linked here. My skirt is from Cath Kidston and is sadly not available anymore and my tights are just plain black tight from M&S.

Today I wore the outfit on the right which is my pastel Nike hoodie which I got from ASOS, as well as my plain grey Femme Luxe joggers linked here. I get a lot more wear out of charcoal joggers than I seem to out of light grey, I guess I'm just more drawn to the darker ones! I teamed these with grey Nike socks and was super comfy. Femme Luxe are actually having a £5 sale at the moment which is craziness, definitely have a look and see if there's anything you fancy - I can't recommend their stuff enough!!

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