Tuesday, 4 August 2020

Femme Luxe Finery - cute tees

Along with my loungewear, I've been loving comfy, stylish tees which I can chill at home in and then wear out for lunch, shopping, walks and errands too. The Femme Luxe ones feel really high quality - they're not super stretchy and nylony, they remind me of the 100% cotton Fruit of the Loom ones!

I actually tie dyed one of those recently, and I wish I'd have just gotten this Femme Luxe one sooner as the dye is really pretty! The link for this blue one is here. They actually sell loads of cute tie dye stuff. I'd also be really interested to try their tie dye lounge sets and joggers!

The top on the right is one of their slogan tees. The font is so pretty and it's this soft baby pink colour. The fearless femme top also comes in black and white. The link is here. I am ridiculously in love with both of these tops! I feel like as soon as they come out of the wash I put them on!! 

I seriously recommend having a look at their tops! For reference, I got an XL in both of these. I wanted them to be long enough to wear with leggings and it worked out perfect for me. I am a large chested size 14 so I wanted to make sure they fit nice without being too stretched and they are amazing!!

Saturday, 1 August 2020

Femme Luxe Finery - loungewear during quarantine!

I am still loving my Femme Luxe stuff. Recently I've been loving the below outfit! I've never really worn leather-look leggings before I grabbed my Femme Luxe ones as I thought they'd be super uncomfortable. However, I am so glad I tried them as they're actually really breathable and lightweight which surprised me. It's really changed things up for me as I love wearing black leggings - but these can really be dressed up so they're definitely versatile!

I've been enjoying pairing them with this cute slogan tee when I've been at home or running errands. It's been washed a few times and the print is as vibrant as when I got it - and it's so soft and comfortable. It's probably the softest top I've had from Femme Luxe. Both pieces are still available - the top is linked here. I can't believe how affordable it is, the quality is really amazing on this piece! The leggings are available too, linked here. They're half price at £10.99 right now, which is an absolute bargain too.

Saturday, 13 June 2020

What I've been wearing during quarantine!

I'm sure we have all been living in loungewear if we are working from home at the moment, and I've been loving my Femme Luxe sets!

The loungewear co-ord on the left is the Camel Crop Jumper Loungewear Set in a M/L which fits me at a size 14. It's so lovely and soft, perfect for chilling at home. I am really into nude as a colour, I think it's super classy and easy to pull off.

When I've had the chance to nip out, it's been fairly warm so I've loved wearing my high neck dress without tights - in nude again!! I have a few of these from Femme Luxe and they're super versatile. Good for autumn and winter with tights and boots but lovely in the summer without tights and with some white trainers!

It goes without saying that I hope you're all keeping well at the moment. 

Sunday, 2 February 2020

Femme Luxe Finery High Neck Dresses

Good evening everyone. I am enjoying my latest dresses from Femme Luxe so much that I decided to pick up some high neck sweater dresses to throw over some tights and pair with boots. These will see me into spring just fine!

These are definitely bodycon dresses as opposed to oversized. The knit on them is pretty chunky and stretchy so they are very comfy! These are dressy enough to be worn for work, out during the day or at night. I picked up a M/L as usual which is estimated to be a 12/14, and they fit me perfectly as a 14!

The links to the two dresses are here and here. If you aren't into black and grey, there's loads of different styles and colours of jumper dress on there so definitely have a browse.

Sunday, 26 January 2020

Femme Luxe Finery Casual Dresses

I picked up some more oversized dresses from Femme Luxe! I have tried their hoodie dress before in grey so decided to pick up the black one since I get so much wear out of it. It's made from the same soft material and is perfect for chilling at home or nipping out for some errands. As you can see, it's pretty short without tights so I'll personally probably pair it with some black tights, leggings, jeggings etc.

I also decided to go for an oversized dress in khaki. Again, I have a well-loved version of this already in nude that is so versatile so I thought, why not grab it in khaki since that goes with everything too! It's just as comfy and looks super cute! I can't wait to wear it out shopping, will go just perfect with some air forces and my speedy bag.

Be sure to check out this fabulous company that has such affordable and pretty clothing for all types of occasions! Femme Luxe have an up to 80% off sale at the moment which is crazy so definitely have a browse!!