Friday, 28 September 2018

Styling Up Your Home And How You Can Do It

Your home is probably the biggest asset you have. No matter whether you own it or you rent it a big chunk of your money goes on living there each month. So it’s only natural for us to want to have the best looking home we can. But many of us are not blessed with the skills of amazing creativity or having a good eye for home design. That is until now.

Styling your home is a lot easier than we all think. It’s about putting a stamp of your personality on the place. It’s working out the functionality of your home and making it work for you. It doesn’t have to be a scary prospect and home styling, and design can be a lot of fun. It doesn’t have to be expensive either. Know your budget and what you have available and stick to your guns. Hunt out the bargains and dig through the thrift shops. So without further ado here is the ultimate guide to home design and styling your home.

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Work out what you want from each room of your home
It is very easy for you to move into your house or apartment and treat each room just like the previous owner or tenant did. But aside from the bathroom and kitchen which have obvious functionalities. Your home can be whatever you want it to be. It is down to how you want to use it. So the best thing you can do from the start is workout what you want from your home and how each room can work for you. Perhaps you need a big home office; then you could sacrifice one of the bigger bedrooms to accommodate. Maybe you need a playroom for children, or want their bedroom to be downstairs. Then you can make that happen. A great little tip would be to draw up floor plans for each room and work out where you want things to go. It will help when it comes to furnishing and decorating.

Think about key pieces of furniture
Once you know what each function of the room will be, you can now start furnishing them. This means adding the furniture you may have and purchasing some new things to. You could even think about having pieces designed for you. Having a carpenter build a frame and then looking online at this website for foam as a seating element. Upholstering with specific material or prints will have you creating a statement and unique piece for your room. Key pieces of furniture can often be the focal point of a room, the bed in a bedroom, a desk in an office. They all have a purpose, and mostly they tend to be larger pieces. So try and workout your sizes in advance of purchasing items. The last thing you want is to order a big bed and it not fit in the room you want it to go in.

Clutter is not your friend
Finally, it is worth remembering that clutter is one of the things that can really take away from the style and look you are going for in specific rooms. Too much of something can be overbearing. Especially if you are creating features and styling up with statement pieces. A quick tip would be to declutter rooms before redecorating, and only having in it what you love, need or want.

I hope these tips will have you eager to start styling your home.

Thursday, 27 September 2018

DIY Renovations: Worth It or Waste of Time?

People love to talk about making a house a home. It could mean a lot of things to different people, but the general premise is that you’re aiming to create a home that you can connect with on a very deep level. Whether it’s soothing colours in your bedroom to help you wake up in the morning or a lovely spa-like experience in your bathroom, there’s nothing quite like a home that is free from IKEA furniture (at least, free from it looking the same as everyone else’s home!) and instead, completely personalized to your liking.

However, getting that kind of work done is expensive. Sure, you can hire a contractor, give them your ideas and create a completely bespoke home, but do keep in mind that this is incredibly expensive and you’re likely going to be left with a huge bill at the end of it. This isn’t really acceptable unless you have money to burn, so what other options are there?

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Do it yourself
DIY is a scary term for many people. It usually involves a lot of skill and work, and if it’s something as important as your home then you probably don’t want to mess anything up. Sadly, it’s very easy to break walls with power tools and you’re going to put yourself at risk if you try to do something like install a shelf and completely forget that you could be drilling into electrical wires in the wall.

There’s a lot behind DIY that simply cannot be avoided. It can end up getting really expensive, you could end up ruining your home and you might waste a lot of time, effort and money. As seen from this article at, DIY disasters can be extremely troublesome and difficult to recuperate from. But is that really it? Should you just forget about DIY and accept that huge price tag that comes with hiring a contractor?

Absolutely not!

So in this post, we’re going to talk about why DIY could be your saving grace and also why it’s well worth your time. It’s a skill that you’re going to get a lot of use out of, so be prepared to learn!

DIY is not as expensive as people think

The initial cost of DIY is, admittedly, quite high. You have to buy things like power tools, materials and maybe even spend a bit of money on lessons or books to help learn. However, that’s all part of the process and sooner or later, you’re going to pick up things that will help reduce the costs. For instance, you only need to buy a set of power tools once and you could even rent them if you’re unsure about buying cheaper budget tools. You could take a look at review website such as before you purchase any kind of power tool to ensure that you’re getting something that’s well worth your money.

In addition, once you find suppliers for materials, such as foam from, you can make huge savings and still get plenty of DIY work done. Speciality materials like foam need to be purchased from trusted suppliers–it’s not something you can just buy from Amazon and expect great quality!

So to conclude, DIY is only expensive initially, but once you get used to it, you’ll find yourself spending less and less to complete your projects.

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Learning how to DIY is simple
Although you may be tempted to pay for lessons and go to an official school or college, you’d be surprised at how much free information there is available on the internet. Whether it’s searching for tutorials on or going to an online learning resource to study from professionals, there are plenty of ways to build up your DIY knowledge without having to spend a single penny. Of course, paid resources are going to be a bit more comprehensive, but learning by example is actually the best way to approach DIY.

For instance, you can start simple by installing a shelf or two. This means looking up a video on how to install a shelf, reading the manuals of whatever shelf you bought and then getting yourself some tools. You can start slow and even if it takes you a week to install a shelf, at least you’ve learnt something useful that you can apply to future DIY projects. Next time, you can look at other tutorials such as how to make your own decorations or how to replace a lighting fixture. Over time, you’ll get plenty of practice and you’ll also realize that you’re building up your knowledge and skills at the same time that you’re performing practical renovations.

But is it really worth the time?

This article has probably given you a starry-eyed impression of DIY, but the reality is that you’re going to need to invest a lot of time, money and effort into learning how to DIY. for most people, this simply isn’t worth it and you’re better of just spending that money on a contractor so you can get the work done with minimal effort. This is completely understandable and shouldn’t be knocked. After all, they’re professionals and they’ll usually guarantee quality results or your money back. When you factor in the amount of time you’ll spend and the possibility of failure, then it can seem like the better option for most people.

However, if you want to build up your DIY knowledge, then we’d definitely recommend picking up a set of tools and practising. If you plan to move out in the future then you shouldn’t be too concerned about occasionally messing up your home (of course, as long as you own your home!) and the skills you learn will improve over time as you practice. This means that when you do finally move out, you can take all of that experience, all of your tools and your knowledge to help create the dream home that you’ve always wanted.

Saturday, 22 September 2018

Small Changes that will Help Your House Feel Like Home

If you have just purchased a new property then you will know more than anyone how exciting this can be. After all, you get the chance to start a new phase in your life and you may even find that it is exciting to see where life is going to take you. The problem that a lot of people experience when they buy a new home is that they struggle to make it feel like theirs. They feel as though no matter what they do, it still feels like the previous homeowner’s domain and this is the last thing that you want when you have spent a small fortune on the property itself. If you want to get around all of this then here are some top tips that will help you to turn the whole thing around.
Make your Windows your Own
When you move into your home, you may find that the property comes with Venetian blinds or even curtains that just aren’t your style. Every single time you look out of the window, you will be reminded that you did not put those blinds there and you will also be reminded that this is not your family home quite yet. If you want to drastically change the room without having to worry about breaking the bank then making the windows your own is a fantastic way for you to do this. You can showcase your own style and you can even add your own window dressing if you want. When you add curtains, you can seriously improve your home’s own appearance and you can even help to trap the heat in the room as well. This is great if you know that the home that you have moved into is a little on the cold side.

Hang some Art
If you have a lot of bare walls throughout your home then it will seem bland and boring no matter how many colours you use on the walls. If you want to turn this around then it is a good idea for you to hang some of your own artwork. You can easily hang art that you have created in the past or you can even try and hang art that reflects your own personality. If you are not quite sure where to start then auctions are a fantastic way for you to find what you are looking for. The best thing about auctions is that they are very affordable and you can also access a huge range of artwork in your local area. If your kids have painted some pictures in the past that you are very proud of then don’t be afraid to hang these up. Picture framing is one of the best ways for you to keep the artwork protected for years to come and it will also help you to try and keep everything looking nice and neat.

Work on the Smell of the Property
A house that is not very inviting in terms of the smell will never truly feel like a home. There are tons of ways that you can make your property smell nice and believe it or not, there are tons of air fresheners on the market that you can use to try and really boost the aesthetic. Scented candles and even incense are great here and you can also bake to try and get that homely smell. You want to smell whatever you are going for as soon as you walk in the front door because this is one of the ways for you to make your home feel much more like yours. If you are not quite sure which smell option to go with then you can find tons of inspiration online and you may even find that wax melts are a great option as well.
Plants and Shrubbery
If your home has a garden then don’t be afraid to try and upgrade it a bit. Fill it with your favourite flowers and don’t be afraid of throwing away any ornaments that you do not like. Sure, the previous owner might have spent good money on them but if they have not taken them when they moved out then they can’t be that special. If you feel bad about throwing them out then you could donate them if you want. Either way, making your garden homely is just as important as making your home feel like yours so this is one area that you should never really try and overlook. If you can, you should always try and have any plants that you want in every room of your home. The main reason for this is because it can help you to improve the general air quality and it can also make your home look much more beautiful as a result. Plants can also reduce stress levels and they can also really brighten the mood for everyone in the home.
Upgrade the Tub
Now turn your attention to the bathroom. There is nothing quite as luxurious as having a steam shower or even a whirlpool bath to try and take the daily stress of your job away. If you know that the shower is looking a little worn out then try and replace it. This is especially the case if you have a super old suite that you are not quite happy with. This doesn’t cost a huge amount of money and you will be adding value to the home as soon as you move in. When you decorate the bathroom you should always make sure that the design suits your taste but you should also make sure that it suits the taste of any new buyer as well. This means choosing neutral colours, if possible. The main reason for this is because the last thing you need is to have your home valued less because whoever moves in, is going to have to undo all of the work that you have done so this is something that you need to take into consideration.