Monday, 9 April 2018

Easy Ways to Increase the Elegance of Your Home

If you’ve always dreamed of having a high-end home, but the amount of work you think it will take, or the perceived cost of achieving your dream home have held you back from fully realising your vision, I have good news for you! It is possible to make fairly minor changes to your home and have it look much more elegant.

Sound too good to be true? Check out these simple ways of increasing the elegance of your home:

The Devil’s in the Details

Many of the most elegant homes aren't elegant because they’ve been lavishly decorated - they’re elegant because the owner has paid attention to detail. For example, they may have taken the time to add quality oak skirting board at floor level and sophisticated cornice at the place where the walls meet the ceiling. This makes any room look more finished and increases its elegance ten-fold with just a little extra time and money ploughed into the process.

The Proper Paint is Important

The colour of the paint you choose to cover your home with will have a huge impact on whether or not it appears elegant. The good news is that, whether you’re a fan of bright, bold colours or you prefer a softer, more muted palette, you can achieve an elegant look. The key is to actually go super dramatic or super understated - anything in between will be lacklustre by comparison. Good options when going bold are rich reds, greens and opulent purples or even very dramatic blacks. If understated if your think, then a rich cream is pretty much always an elegant choice, as is a muted white.

Pile on the Pillows

Another very easy change to make to your home, which will add comfort and elegance, is furnishing (almost) every room with more pillows. Big comfy pillows that are sheathed in pretty materials such as silk, satin, faux fur and even recycled saris, are a great way of adding colour and style, while also bringing more opulence to the room. You need to make sure that they’re big and overstuffed though, or they could end up looking really cheap and not being too comfortable either.

Long, Lined Curtains Add Luxury

When it comes to treating your windows, if it’s elegance you’re looking for, you simply must choose curtains that hang from the ceiling (or as far up as possible) to the ground - curtains that end halfway down the wall often look cheap. They should also be lined and heavy and made from a luxurious material like velvet. Then, providing they match your decor, they will bring the room together and add some warmth and sophistication.

High-Quality Hardware is Best

Switching out cheap door handles and knobs on your furniture for high-quality crystal, glass or silver ones, for example, is a very effective, but inexpensive way of improving the elegance of pretty much any room in your home.

Make as many of these small changes as you can, and your home will keep on getting more elegant. Then all you have to worry about is keeping it clean and tidy, so it stays that way.

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