Friday, 23 February 2018

How To Travel Right Now Without Saving


Whilst saving up may be the most effective and sensible way of funding travel, it’s not the only way. In fact, you don’t need lots of money to travel – whilst you do still need to put in some thorough planning, it’s possible to visit your dream destination on any budget. Here are some steps to travelling without saving.

Earn money as you travel

The simplest way to travel when you’re skint is to get a job as you travel. This could involve working in a bar, picking grapes in a vineyard or even teaching English. Such jobs could give you a real experience of not just seeing another country but living and working in it (some employers may even offer accommodation for free or a discounted price). Alternatively, you may be able to do work from a laptop and earn money on the go. This includes jobs like writing, web design and consultancy – whilst you may have to hunt for places with wifi to work from for a few hours, you might be able to use the rest of your time to travel and explore. Sites like
Web Work Travel have more information on such jobs.

Use smart borrowing methods

Even if you’re planning to work as you travel, you’ll likely need some money to fund your initial flight or train journey, as well as having some spending money to get you by. Taking out a personal loan from a site like
MoneyMe could be an option worth considering. Obviously, you don’t want your travels to get you into too much debt, so look for low interest options. You may be able to part-fund it on a low interest credit card – credit cards can also offer a level of security when travelling abroad.

Put your bills on hold

You don’t want to be struggling to pay bills back home as you travel. If you’re going away for a few months, consider whether its worth moving out so that you don’t have to pay rent/mortgage. You can use a self-storage company such as
Now Storage to store your belongings. Similarly, you may want to take your car off the road if you have one and stop insurance payments.

Take advantage of last minute deals

You don’t have to plan months ahead to find good deals either.
Last minute flights can be just as cheap as many airlines are eager to fill last minute seat. Similarly, hotels will offer last minute promotions to fill empty rooms.

Keep to a budget

A budget is still important, even if you’re not saving up, otherwise you’ll get into a lot of debt. Have a set amount that you’re willing to borrow and don’t spend more than this. If you’re taking a credit card, set yourself a limit to avoid getting carried away spending. If you’re working whilst travelling, make sure that your wage is enough to cover costs of living – ideally want to be able to travel around and see local sights in your free time and not just get by.

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