Friday, 12 January 2018

Why Shipping Is So Expensive!

Now this is something we can all agree is incredibly annoying. You’ve filled up your cart and clicked
through to the checkout, and suddenly you’re loaded up to your eyeballs with extra dollars the seller
desperately needs to get everything out to you. Making a purchase online always comes with some
kind of risk, and there’s always options that are more or less expensive than the standard shipping
we’re used to. However, why does it cost so much in the first place? Sellers are always making their
profits back in all the things we’re buying from them, so why are they so desperate for more? Here’s
a couple of reasons why.
Packages come in their thousands, and the maintenance costs a lot of money! (Image)

People Do Like to Overcharge!
It’s a truth that’s rarely told, but because postal systems have such widely changing rates, companies
need to be sure they have enough to cover any cost of sending a parcel out to you.

Often this isn’t a malicious move, with the above point illustrating that out to us. However, there’s more
sites out there than we like to think that overcharge us on purpose just to make their money back on
any ‘money off’ deals they offer us. Take the site Wish for example, as they offer deals on a timer to all
customers, apparently tailored to each users’ taste. However, simply scrolling through all the available
options on a product immediately highlights a red flag we need to avoid: each one has a different price
if we want them!

Packing Insurance is Essential
There’s a lot of jeopardy out there these days when it comes to shipping across country and
internationally. Airplanes and boats can have a lot of issues which prevent them from reaching a
destination; yet it’s been this way since their conception!
However, there are a lot more scams and faulty shipping methods out there in the modern era, and
that’s why we need insurance on parcels in case they don’t reach us. Sometimes the insurance cost
is innate in the original price, and sometimes it needs to be added on.
Different Providers Have Different Costs
Depending on who people tend to use, the costs can vary widely between bigger and smaller
companies. International shipping is a lot more expensive than shipping nationwide, and that’s what
gets a lot of companies in a twist over their projected profit and loss.
However, because we’re living in a more digital age, there’s a lot more companies can do to make
using their website easier and cheaper, for them and us! Using a nation based service such as Shiply
is a lot better for sellers in the long run, as they can compare standard shipping rates between multiple
transport companies under their label. Making a decision is a lot easier as a result, and even when
they’re heading up a business

Shipping is expensive, but there’s a lot of promotions on offer which allow you to bypass these costs!

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