Monday, 22 January 2018

Throwing A Surprise Party For A Friend – 5 Tips To Make It A Hit

When your friend’s birthday is fast approaching, there’s a huge desire to find the perfect present for them. In truth, though, most people consider spending time with their nearest and dearest to be the greatest gift of all. Throwing a surprise party is undoubtedly one of the best ways to achieve that goal.

If you’re going to make those efforts, it’s vital that you do it in the right manner. Here’s how.


Plan early
The most important ingredient in the recipe for a perfect party is the guests. As long as all the right people are there, the recipient is sure to have the time of their life. People lead busy lives, though, so make sure you’ve set a date in stone long before the event.
Use social media to keep people updated. Even if it means finding a venue at a later date, knowing that the birthday boy or girl will be surrounded by love is the most crucial element of all.

Appreciate the timing
Many factors can influence your party planning decisions, and the time of year is certainly near the top of that list. Even if you’re planning to host the event at your home, a
winter party carries different requirements to a summer one. On a similar note, the rental prices of some venues may fluctuate greatly between peak and off-peak seasons. Take those influences on budgets and possibilities into account, and you won’t go far wrong.

Embrace tech
Technology can be used to brighten up any party. For starters, creating a Spotify playlist of their favourite songs will make a big impact whether you’re at home or in a hall. Meanwhile, capturing the moment with photographs will be an important part of the celebrations. Take things to the next level by
creating a Snapchat filter, and it’ll be sure to a party that nobody ever forgets. Frankly, that’s all anyone throwing a bash could ever hope to achieve.


Make it uniquely fun
A party without fun is one that has failed to unlock its potential. The simple gestures often make the biggest impact, and sharing great food is an essential feature.
Popcorn machines and other devices can take the enjoyment to a whole new level. The birthday party is the ideal time to forget about diets and responsibilities. On a similar note, fun games like giant Jenga and sporting activities can inject fresh energy to house parties.

Throw off the scent
Finally, when throwing a surprise party, you need to ensure that it remains a surprise. One option is to host the event a few days before their birthday. Pretend that you are doing something else like going to
the cinema or a restaurant so that they get dressed up. Then ensure that everyone is either at your home or the venue ready to put a shock smile on the recipient’s face. That emotional reaction of knowing everyone has come together to celebrate their birthday is the greatest gift of all.

See, arranging their birthday party isn’t so scary after all. Get those plans started ASAP, and you’ll have no problems creating a magical and memorable experience.

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