Tuesday, 16 January 2018

Understanding The Other Red Monster In Your Life

We’ve all experienced anger which seems to do away with our reasoning. Be honest ladies; it happens
to us at least once a month. But, even when mother nature isn’t behind our unholy rage, anger isn't the
straightforward emotion we expect. Sure, it’s sometimes an adequate reaction. But, if you notice
yourself snapping at everything, it might be time to take a step back. Consider whether you’re being
rational. If not, think about where your anger originates. Often our anger is more a result of what’s
going on with us than what’s happening outside. That person you shouted at may have been an idiot,
but did they really deserve that level of rage? Perhaps not. Next time you feel yourself reaching this
stage, don't let stress overwhelm you. Instead, step back and consider what’s going on. To help you
get to the bottom of it, we’re going to look at three hidden factors which could be making themselves

You aren’t sleeping enough
Lack of sleep should be an apparent cause for our anger. In fact, not sleeping enough can cause all
sorts of issues, including low mood and heightened emotions on every end of the spectrum. How many
times have you gone to bed feeling emotionally awful, and woken up good as new? Yet, few of us
consider this. So, when you feel the rage, step back and think about how you’ve been sleeping. If not
well, then why not? Is your mattress playing you up? If yes, head to sites like choosemattress.com to
find something better. Is something else stopping you from sleeping? If yes, address that outside
issue as soon as possible. Whatever the cause, your rage is sure to subside as soon as you start
getting decent sleep again.

You’re hangry
Come on; this shouldn’t come as too much of a surprise to you. When we’re hungry, we get angry.
There’s a word especially for it, for goodness sake! But, this is more than just ‘one of those sayings’.
There’s actual scientific backing for the hangry argument, and you can find out about it on sites like
www.iflscience.com. Needless to say, when our glucose levels drop, so too does our mood. Next
time you see the red monster, consider whether there’s a grumble in your tummy. The good news is, there’s an easy fix for this. All you have to do is eat. Though, avoid quick fixes like chocolate bars,
and eat a proper meal. Otherwise, your hanger could come back in full force when your sugar rush

If you’ve eaten, slept, and still feel raging, thanger may be to blame. Okay, this isn’t so universally
known, but bear with us. Thanger is precisely what it sounds like - anger due to thirst. Much like
sleep, hydration plays a massive part in mood. Water helps keep everything balanced, and even
mild dehydration can cause cognitive decline. Grumpiness is part and parcel of all that. Next time
your rage won’t go, reach for the water.

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