Tuesday, 9 January 2018

Things You Should Budget For After You've Bought A House

You’ve done it. You’re finally on the property ladder, and have a home you can call your own. It willbe one of the largest and most important investments in your life. That being said, once you finallyhave somewhere to call your own, you start to imagine all of the pictures you’ve pinned to your 
home improvements board on Pinterest and realise your dream home isn’t quite how you pictured it just yet. Not to worry, that is easily fixable. For most rooms a lick of paint and maybe a few
new bits of furniture will work wonders. On the other hand, there are a few rooms you may need tobudget for to renovate them to the standard and style you desire. Here are a few things you may 
want to include in your moving budget or start saving for now, so you aren’t waiting too long to 
carry out your craved-for home improvements.
If there is one room that many people are very particular about when it comes to design, it is the 
kitchen. It is very rare you will find a home that is perfect for you, including the kitchen of your 
dreams. If you do - it is likely you are choosing the house based solely on the design and feel of 
the kitchen. Kitchen installations can take quite some time depending on what you are having 
done, so it’s a good idea to do it sooner rather than later - if possible before you even move in
Since this is a room you will use multiple times a day, it can really hinder everyone in the family’s 
daily life when it is out of action, so pre-planning a kitchen replacement is something you’ll only 
thank yourself for when moving day comes around.

Windows and Roof
Depending on the age of the property your moving into, your surveyor will advise you on whether 
you need to look into window or conservatory roof replacement. They will also look at the overall 
structure of the property and let you know whether you need to get a professional to look at the 
roof, or damp seal etc. If your surveyor does advise any replacement or repairs, it’s wise to get 
these seen to as soon as possible - as these could lead to damage or decreased energy efficiencyof the property if left.

Depending on your specific requirements - for example, if you have a dog or cat, have young children, or a husband that continually leaves his muddy shoes on - you may need to change the 
flooring when you move into your new home. You may have a preference when it comes to a 
decision between carpet or hardwood flooring, or believe hardwood flooring will be more durable 
for your family. Whichever choice you go for - replacing flooring is rarely cheap. You may cut some of the cost if you have a family member who is skilled at installing it, but depending on the size of 
the room and the quality of the flooring or carpet you choose - you are quite possibly looking at 
spending a pretty penny (or hundreds).  Preparing for this and budgeting it into the moving 
process will not only save you a lot of time and stress in the long run but will help you to plan 
ahead. This will mean you can potentially have the flooring installed before moving your furniture 
in - making the whole process a lot smoother and easier for you and the fitters.

Moving house can be stressful and overwhelming, so planning ahead and being as organised as 
possible when it comes to moving and decorating is only going to be beneficial to you in the long 
run. Hopefully, this has given you some food for thought about what your budget should be 
expecting when it comes to key handover day.

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