Tuesday, 9 January 2018

Pixels To Reality: The Journey Of An Online Purchase

It all seems so simple, you see, you click, you buy. Online shopping has taken the world by storm and had led to businesses around the world asking if they really do need a real-world presence. 
Well, they do, because not everyone has been taken in by the process of online shopping. This is why so many technology companies are trying to limit the number of steps an online purchase 
takes to make. We now see swipe cards and online currencies coming into play. But is it all 
necessary in the first place? What puts consumers off is the fact that they don’t really know what’s going on after the click buy and punch in their financial details. This is why real-world stores are 
still being opened because your items are right in front of you and tangible. There are a few things you can do to break the illusion and follow your purchase journey from pixels to reality.

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Keep your eyes on it

Many online purchases come with their very own unique tracking order. What does this really 
mean? On the face of it, it's just a long line of numbers and letters. In fact this is your way of 
keeping eyes on the item you have purchased. Normally you need an account with the company 
you have just done business with. In your profile, you’ll see something that might say ‘your orders.’Essentially it's a list of things you have previously bought. However, you will also have a tracking 
feature for outstanding purchases. By going on this page, you’ll see what kind of state the item is 
in. It can go from, ordered, picking process, confirmation, depot, sent to local and inbound. The 
order sign is your item being reserved; the picking is it being physically taken from storage, 
confirmation is the floor manager confirming an item has left his or her stock. Then you see depot which is packaging and industrial loading. Then it's sent off to a local delivery bay near you, and 
inbound means it’s coming to you right now.

Do you have a say

Most of the time stores will actually use their own delivery companies. They both have a mutual 
benefit as each provides a service to the other. If this is so, you don’t really have an option except for time and date. On the other hand, if you make an online purchase and want to collect it in 
person, the system is halfway the same. The item will get moved to a store nearer to where you 
live. However, if you want something large moved, like a cupboard or sofa the company you 
bought the item from will charge a heavy amount. To counteract this, you have services like Shiplywho collate all the delivery services together and give you a quote. You can rely on previous 
customer reviews to help you sought the bad eggs out from the good. The businesses all competefor your business, each trying to give you the best price. This is one way to beat the overcharging many online shops try to foist on their customers.  

You can see why so many people, especially those who might be older actually don’t take to 
online shopping like a duck to water. The transformation of purchase from pixels to reality is often seen as something unreliable. However, tracking your item and understanding what is going on 
can abate these fears. Not getting price-gouged and choosing your own delivery method and 
company is also something that can be done online, alongside any shopping.

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