Friday, 15 December 2017

Top Tips For Utilizing The Space In Your Home

If you have just joined the property ladder, or are wanting to upgrade in size but are unable to,
due to financial or location implications, it can feel like your house shrinks over the years and your
lifestyle has completely outgrown your space. Just like how a goldfish will grow as big as it’s tank
allows, we tend to acquire enough things to fill, and quite often overfill, a space over time. Here are
some ways you can help utilize the space in your home to help it serve you better before you're able
to move up the property ladder and upgrade.

Extension Or Conversion
The simplest solution, don’t have enough space? Build some more. Do you have a garage you use
for nothing other than boxes of Christmas decorations and stuff you should have thrown out years ago?
Or maybe a loft which is just collecting dust and forgotten photo albums? It may be time to consider
getting the loft conversion specialists in and making use of a very good space. Whether you’re in
need of a spare room, or office if you work from home, a conversion may be the solution to all your
troubles. If you have children, turning the garage into a playroom, or multimedia space if you
have teenagers obsessed with their Xbox, will mean you are not under each other’s feet in the evenings
and everyone has their own space to relax. It is also much less costly and time-consuming than moving t
o a larger property, not to mention it will mean that if you do decide to move later on, your property will
be worth considerably more than what you paid for it.


You will be surprised how much a difference lighting can make to the perceived size of a room. Dim
lighting will notoriously make any space feel smaller and more enclosed. Having a lighting fixture with
directional light bulbs that you can direct into the dull areas of the room will help to open the room up
a bit more, helping it to feel larger. Having single-bulb lights that hang low can actually emphasise the
areas that don’t get a lot of light, making the room feel dingier, so try to steer clear of these. Instead,
why not opt for ceiling mounted LED spotlights, which will fit flush with your ceiling and can be fitted
anywhere, so you can have an even spread of light across the whole room. These also have a plus
side of not being dust collectors like some of the more ornate lamp shades.


Having a space for everything and leaving your sides less cluttered will help to make any room feel
bigger. Researching into smart storage options that don’t take up a lot of room but fit a lot inside is
best when you are trying to increase a small space. Make clever use of items that take up floor space
already. Instead of a simple coffee table, consider a chest or blanket box. Not only does it provide ample
storage, but it also acts as an attractive centrepiece for a room. Vacuum storage bags are also another
great, versatile product. Using these to stow away any spare bedding or out of season clothing is a
fantastic way to free up some much-needed room.

Hopefully, this has given you a few ideas to help make your home feel that little bit bigger, and help to
curb the move craving for a while longer.

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