Friday, 22 December 2017

Heating Up Your Winter Garden Party

There aren’t many people out there who don’t enjoy a garden party during the summer months.
The long evenings and warm weather lend themselves perfectly to outdoor gatherings. And, 
few parties are better than those spent outside. There’s something lovely about inviting nature 
into the fun. It keeps everyone grounded, and adds a breath of fresh air to proceedings.

Yet, when the winter months come, the majority of us move everything inside. Instead of hosting 
long and luxurious parties in the great outdoors, we hide in our houses like our lives depend on it.
Parties we do host are usually subdued dinner affairs, rather than the raucous outside fun of 
those summer months. But, it doesn’t need to be this way.

In reality, there’s no reason you can’t keep your gatherings outside now winter is underway. 
Admittedly, there are a few more things to consider, including how to stop your guests getting 
frostbite. But, where there’s a will, there’s a way. Here are a few ideas to ensure your winter 
garden party is hot, hot, hot.

Build a fire pit

There’s no getting around the fact that the weather is the main thing standing in your way. If it’s 
cold, the party could get a little frosty. After all, no one likes to be freezing, and a good host 
wouldn’t want their guests to suffer.

You’ll be glad to hear that there’s no reason for you all to suffer. All it takes is the installation of a 
fire pit when you’re getting your garden ready for winter. On the next decent day, head out and 
get to work. This may sound complex, but it’s surprisingly easy. And, it means that you can all 
huddle around the fire and get cosy. This is what winter garden party dreams are made of. All 
you need to do is work out the size you want, dig out the area, and then build a wall. And, hey 
presto, you’ll be ready to warm your guests in no time. Okay, so there may be a bit more to it 
than that, but you would be amazed how simple this is. In no time, you’ll be ready to make your 
guests toasty. Better hope some of them know how to light the thing.

Warming drinks

Of course, you don’t want to leave all the heating capabilities to the fire pit. If there are a lot of you,
there’s no way you’ll all be able to huddle around it at once. And, you don’t want the people on 
the periphery to be left out in the cold. So, it’s worth turning your attention to the drinks you serve.
In the summer months, ice is the name of the game. For obvious reasons, you don’t want that 
now. That said, ice-free cocktails could still be a good idea. Make them strong enough, and 
they’re sure to warm things up in no time!

If you want to take the heat up a notch, you could have a bit of fun with hot drinks instead. 
These would be the ideal addition to any winter party and will do a much better job at keeping 
everyone warm. You could serve baileys laced hot chocolate, or heated wines and ciders. You 
could even boil them on that fire to ensure the wintery smells get up everyone’s noses. Then, 
you can all cup those mugs and drink up their warm goodness. Soon, that awkward foot-stamping
will turn into a garden party you’re all sure to remember for a long time to come. And, you won’t 
just have the alcohol to thank for it!

Weatherproof furniture

Once you’re all a little warmer and feeling ready to step away from the fire, you’ll want some 
furniture to sit on. For obvious reasons, though, winter garden furniture can be tricky. Most of us 
hide our tables and chairs in the shed as soon as the weather changes. But, you don’t exactly 
want to lug them out each time you’re hosting. Plus, what if it starts to rain when everyone’s 
there? You can’t call the party off at the first splash you feel. Not unless you want the night to 
be a complete washout.

Instead, then, it’s time to think about ways you can weatherproof your furniture. The most 
obvious choice here would be to invest in some kind of waterproof shelter. This way, the garden 
furniture you already have would probably suffice. And, you wouldn’t have to worry about it 
getting damaged. This choice also has the benefit of ensuring the show can go on if the rain 
makes an appearance.

Or, you could think outside the box. Companies like Bridgman have developed waterproof 
cushions which could solve all your problems. Shop now if this sounds like something which 
appeals to you. Pair these with same plastic garden furniture options, and you’ll be away. Even 
better, the cushions will take the uncomfortable edge off.

Get the lighting right

And, of course, let’s not forget that the darkness of winter evenings is another issue. In the 
summer, the sun doesn’t even think about setting until around ten in the evening. In the winter, 
it’s out of sight by about half three. Though dating in the dark is a fun and quaint idea, darkness 
may not bring quite the same atmosphere to your party. Instead, think about fun ways to light the 
space. You could go all out with full-on spotlights, but these may not be best for the atmosphere. 
Instead, why not focus on using candlelight? This is sure to look beautiful and is something a 
little bit different. If you’re worried about health and safety with all those flames, you could 
always achieve the same effect using fairy lights. If you’re all planning to drink a fair bit, this 
may be a much better option. Plus, you can have a lot more fun here. By draping lights around 
your trees, or spiralling them on your porch railings, you can create a winter wonderland to die 

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