Monday, 4 December 2017

Four Cheap Home Improvements You Can Complete Before the Winter

If you already feel the cold in your home, and can’t wait to get back after a day’s work, it is time to think about cost-effective home improvements that will make your house look and feel warmer this year. From updating your soft furnishings to adding extra layers of insulation, there are many ways you can feel better every night you get home.
  1. Get Your Boiler Serviced

“Boiler” by LittleDaan is licensed under CC BY 2.0
There is no worse time for your boiler to break than in the middle of the winter. Get in touch with your gas service provider or independent contractor to give your boiler a check over. Make sure that your heating and hot water is produced in the most efficient ways. Your gas repair contractor can tell you if the pressure in the boiler is right, and check your radiators for air trapped in them, which could reduce the heat output of your central heating. A service will cost a few hundred pounds, and is much cheaper than getting a boiler repaired in the winter.
  1. Install a Thermostat

To ensure that the temperature is always right in your house, you might want to invest in a thermostat. This will not break the bank, and give you the benefit of setting a timer on your boiler or maintain a certain temperature in your home at all times. If you cannot install a thermostat, you could at least find a solution to program your heating, so you don’t heat your house when there is nobody home, and get the most out of your boiler when you just want to chill and relax.
  1. Get Your Wall and Loft Insulation

You could improve your heating performance by improving your insulation. You can get the wall and loft insulation done in just a few hours for a few hundred pounds, and it will help you save money on heating bills. Make sure that you use a trusted contractor that is recommended by your local council. You can only get your wall insulation if your home has cavity walls, otherwise, you might want to add extra insulation panels inside or outside to prevent heat loss.
  1. Prevent Condensation and Improve Double Glazing

It is important that you check your windows and doors before the winter. If the windows are steamed up, and you already have double glazing, check what has caused the issue. Add an extra layer of insulation by getting S:CRAFT cheapest plantation shutters or thermal curtains.  If you don’t have an extractor fan in your bathroom and kitchen, install one. It will help you prevent condensation and improve the air quality of your home. Try to dry your clothes outside if possible, or use a dehumidifier to get rid of extra moisture in the air.

Getting your home ready for the winter should not cost a fortune. Always look for problematic areas, including drafty windows and doors, and get your central heating serviced, so you can relax at home on cold nights.

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