Thursday, 30 November 2017

Revamp and Reboot: A Makeover for Your Furniture

Are you bored of looking at the same old furniture? Your budget is already stretched to the limit this month and you start to enter panic mode. You’ve got friends coming over next week for a big event and you want your cosy home to look and feel magazine-cover worthy. Time and money are sparse, so why not treat yourself to a complete furniture revamp? Switching up a few pieces of key furniture can completely transform a tired and tatty room into a dazzling dream den.

Shabby to Chic

You can easily turn a dreary looking bookcase into a shimmering new piece of artwork. A bookcase doesn’t actually have to store books you know! Empty it out and give it a good old lick of paint. Dig out those paint pots that have been lying in the garage for months and put them to good use. Transform your ancient shelves into a minimalistic, chic trinket display. Pop some fresh flowers on one shelf, a funky picture on the next and drape some fairy lights over the top. Ta da!
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Lightbulb Moment

Everyone has a dull little coffee table that sits in the corner of the living room and does nothing but gather dust. Why not spruce it up with a funky lamp? You’d be surprised at the array of quirky lights you can find on sites like homestore online. A bit of a glow will brighten up a dreary useless table and it’ll be the perfect reading light when you’re delving into your favourite magazine.

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Organisation Station

Transform your desolate dressing table into a fashionable feature that would make A-list celebrities envious. Kick your raggedy make-up bag to the curb and dress up your table with some funky storage. A set of makeup organisers could miraculously renew your vanity area from a tangled up turmoil of lipsticks and brushes into a sleek luxurious makeup haven. There are hundreds of different shapes and styles to choose from so take your pick!

Take a Seat

You inherited your sofa from your parents and it does the job. It’s sturdy and reliable, but you’re utterly bored of the old-fashioned vibe it’s inflicting on your abode. Turn your sofas and armchairs into vivacious and lounge-worthy showpieces by adding some colourful cushions and throws. Invest in a load of patterned and textured pillows to brighten up your seating. You can mix and match these as often as you like so you’ll never get tired of them.

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Musical Furniture
Play a game of musical chairs, but with your furniture! Move your stuff around and find a completely new place for it. A table that looks totally tedious in your lounge might work fabulously in a completely different room. If you’re struggling for space there’s a plethora of space saving solutions you can try out too. You could even experiment with swapping your living room and dining area around. A hidden fireplace could become a fantastic new feature you’d never even thought about before.

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