Friday, 17 November 2017

Keeping It Real With Fake Flooring

A dilapidated room in an abandoned house

With the huge array of modern products available online, flooring is far from boring when you’re looking for options for your home. From carpets to bare wood, you have loads of different examples to choose from, but most of them don’t come cheap. This can make it very hard for people to enjoy the full range of flooring styles out there. It doesn’t have to be this way, though, and this post is here to help you out. By exploring some of the fake flooring products out there, it will be showing you how to save some money on this crucial part of your home.

  • Grass

To begin this journey, it’s time to think about your outdoor spaces. In a lot of cases, people will struggle to keep their lawns in good condition, and this job will take loads of time out of your week. To avoid this, plastic grass can be used in this part of the home. A lot of people worry about options like this, assuming that they will look fake or bad. Nowadays, though, fake grass is more realistic than ever, and most people won’t be able to spot the difference.

  • Karndean

Moving to the inside of your home, it’s time to think about wood. In a lot of cases, this sort of flooring will look great, but the waxing and other maintenance which comes with them will make them unappealing to a lot of people. Karndean Flooring promises to solve this issue for you, giving you a way to replicate wood without the labor. This sort of flooring doesn’t use any sort of adhesive to stay in place. This makes it easy to repair and replace, while also making it a lot easier to install at the very start.

  • Tiles

Of course, in some cases, having stone or ceramic options won’t be the route you’d like to take, even if you’d like to achieve the look. Laminate flooring is a great way to capture loads of different styles in your flooring. From tiles to wood, this sort of option will almost always be the cheapest, and it’s also one of the easiest to install. As a slight negative, though, this sort of floor will have to be treated with care to make it last.

  • Concrete

Finally, it’s time to cover a true DIY option which will make any enthusiast get excited. Concrete floors have been fashionable for a long time, but this sort of option is usually incredibly expensive. Of course, though, you don’t need the whole floor to be made from the stuff. Instead, you just need a thin layer on top of the old flooring which it is replacing. There are loads of guides around the web to help you with this, and most will be very simple to follow.

Hopefully, this post will inspire you to start working harder on the time you put into the flooring choices you make around your home. There’s usually a budget-friendly to achieve most interior design dreams. But, of course, you’ll need to find them before you can use them, and this could take a little bit of work.

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