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A Winter Wonderland: Update Garden Space For Every Season

You might be thinking that being outside in the garden is the last thing on your mind during autumn and winter. However, each season brings plenty of reasons to get out and enjoy the space you have, no matter how many layers you need to wear to stay warm. The change in the leaves, scenery, and wildlife can all bring the perfect opportunity for beautiful Instagram shots, and an environment to clear your head with plenty of fresh air. It’s currently fireworks season; a great excuse for an autumn BBQ and a reason to get your besties over for an evening of frolics.

Therefore, don’t wait until spring and summer to make an effort with your garden; it’s worth putting a bit of time in now, and creating a chic outdoor space you’ll love all year round. However big or small your budget may be; there are an array of things you can to spruce up your backyard and ensure it doesn’t become neglected. The following are some ideas and inspiration for those who want to improve their garden and get outside more for the rest of the year and beyond.


Storage And A Tidy Environment

The first thing you can do for your garden space is to get out there and tidy up! Sweep and rake-up any leaves that have fallen (these will make a great pile, perfect for jumping into), and get rid of any twigs, branches, and other garden litter that can make a mess. Even better; if you get a dry weekend, you could mow the grass and trim the edges of the lawn. All that garden equipment that’s been lying around, cluttering up your outdoor area will also need a home, so it’s worth investing in garden storage to keep the space neat and fresh.

Depending on your budget; you could pop up a tiny shed, that will house all the items that only get utilized during the warm weather. Or, you could put up a structure that you can both store items in, and spend time inside, like a summer house, or garden office. It’s always worth checking your rights regarding what and where you can build structures in your garden, otherwise you’ll need to seek the help of neighbour dispute solicitors to resolve any issues. If your neighbours are upset by your new build; make sure you get reputable help and advice and learn from any mistakes you may have made in the future. The same goes for your hedges, fences, and if you want to plant or cut down trees that may encroach onto their land; do your homework beforehand for a stress-free and seamless outdoor renovation project.

If you don’t want to replace hedges and fences; it’s worth updating them with a trim, or a coat of paint or wood stain. Fix any gaps or hole in wooden or brick divides; this will instantly uplift your garden space, and you won’t be embarrassed to invite guests over to hang out and watch the new year fireworks or enjoy a winter BBQ. Pulling out dead plants, broken pots, and weeds, is another way to tidy your outdoor environment; sweep your patio or decking areas too, and you’ll ensure your garden looks shiny and new for any get-togethers, or when you just want to chill in the fresh air.

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Somewhere To Sit, Eat, And Enjoy

The best way to enjoy and utilise your garden more is to create an area that you can chill out and relax with friends, eat or enjoy a drink in the fresh air, and generally add another room to your home. Therefore, your patio and decking (that you cleaned up earlier) should become a place to focus your efforts. Look into garden furniture; a table and chairs, and maybe some comfy seating will ensure that you’re tempted to hang outside more. You can stock up the little storage space you built with warm throws, blankets and scatter cushions; perfect to bring out during a garden party or BBQ. Speaking of barbeques; keeping yours clean and maintained all year round will allow you to cook outside more often and will encourage you to throw that New Year’s fireworks display you’ve been thinking about.

Autumn and winter bring longer, dark, and colder nights; therefore, the lighting and any heat you can provide in your outdoor space will make a great addition to the space. Solar power lamps are an economical way to light up the space around your lawn, and festoon light or outdoor string lighting will give your garden the party vibes all year round, not to mention a Pinterest-worthy aesthetic. Patio heaters and fire pits will bring plenty of warmth to your shindigs or evenings outside; they’ll also provide another source of light, and perhaps a place to toast marshmallows too.

Even if you’re not in the mood to throw a party; you can still invest in a bench or an outdoor seat that you can wrap yourself up in, and enjoy your morning coffee as you watch the sun come up. If there’s a particular area of your garden that you’re proud of; pop a seat in front of it or nearby and enjoy the view more often.

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Seasonal Plants

Autumn is a beautiful season, with plenty of colour changes in the foliage and wildlife to liven up your garden. However, winter can seem a little bleak, especially before any crisp white snow arrives, and the all the branches look bare. Therefore, it’s worth looking into plants that will last you all year round, like evergreens, and climbing plants for your fences and walls, like ivy. Head to your nearest garden centre and talk to an expert about what you can add to the space that will still bring your garden a flash of green and maybe a red berry or two.

You can add small trees with ease to your patio space; invest in some decorative pots, and you’ll ensure that your patio looks gorgeous no matter how cold it is outside. The evergreen shrubs and trees could also be the perfect place to string up some fairy lights (just saying). Investing in your garden will give you an extra room to your property, and you’ll have an area you want to enjoy more often, so it’s well worth the effort.


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