Saturday, 4 November 2017

3 Ways Your Bedroom Decor Can Damage Your Sleep


When you’re an interior design fanatic, it’s safe to say that it’s easy to get… distracted. You spend so much time thinking about the way a room looks and feels, it’s easy to forget that said room also has a practical application that you need to consider.

There is one room in your house that may fall victim to this thinking more than any other: the bedroom. We often hear that bedrooms are meant to be the most delightful room in the house; the words “sanctuary” and “place to hide” are often mentioned when discussing decor choices. Your bedroom is important, and focusing your design desires into this area is a wonderful use of resources… but there’s also a chance your decor is damaging your sleep.

This might sound like a reach; it’s not like the decor is reaching out and waking you in the middle of the night. However, there are a few decor choices that just aren’t conducive to falling and staying asleep. Choices such as…

Covering Natural Light Sources

The common rule of sleep hygiene is that you want the room to be cool and dark. So you may have made decor choices that allow for darkness; heavy blinds and curtains that block natural light, minimizing your use of electrical lighting. There’s no doubt this is beneficial in the evening, but what about in the morning?

Humans need natural light; it helps us to feel awake, feel energised, refreshed and ready to tackle the day ahead. If you have made decor choices that mean your bedroom is pitch-black when you wake up, then you’re going to get a slow start on the day. To combat this, try and arrange your decor so you have at least one source of light in the mornings, without having to open curtains or pull up blinds. Simply angle your bed away from this source so you can sleep at night, then enjoy the extra light in the mornings.

Manmade Fabrics For Stylish Bedding

If you like to change your bedding to suit the season or trends, then always buying luxury bedding can getting expensive. As a result, you may have been tempted to sate your decor thirst by choosing cheaper bedding of man-made or synthetic fibres.

The result of this choice is simple: you’re more likely to overheat at night, and this in turn will disturb your sleep. It’s far better to opt for good quality, natural choices such as feather duvets and cotton pillowcases; these are far more breathable, and can adapt better to temperature fluctuations.

Bedside Table Distractions

Your bedside table isn’t necessarily the problem, but what you keep in your bedside table could be. If you wake up in the middle of the night, the temptation to check your phone is overwhelming-- but the light your phone emits can prevent you from being able to fall back asleep.

The solution to this issue is simple: keep your bedside table minimal, so there’s no room to store your phone and other distractions. All you need is somewhere to store a glass of water and a light; store everything else a few feet away, so you’re less tempted to just glance at Twitter when you should be resting.

Sleep well!

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