Thursday, 19 October 2017

The Trick To An Easy Home Move? Progress In Increments

We all move location for different reasons. For some people, it’s the promise of brighter horizons. For others, it’s to start afresh with a new family setup. Sometimes, it can be simply to find better work opportunities or to try and get out of the hometown. No matter your motivation to move, you will be subject to the same moving duties as everyone else. Shifting all of your belongings and gear towards a new home, mainly a home far away, can feel like a military operation in itself. It’s around this time when you begin to realize how much stuff you actually own, and how much you may have been hoarding.

However, this doesn’t mean you can’t begin the move in an efficient way. We’d argue that the best and least stressful moves are those which occur in increments. Even for people who have limited time to vacate their currently sold home, pre-planning and moving with wisdom can help eschew the draining and difficult nature of adapting to a new home, or even getting there in the first place.

Here are some tips to help your move run at an agreeable pace.


How are you planning to move all of your belongings? In one huge move, with costly removal van hire? The further you move, the more expensive this can be. While the convenience of moving an entire household to another location can be worthwhile, sometimes finding a method of going at your own pace and potentially saving money is considered more important. Personal storage solutions such as hiring a clean and secure storage container allows you to put your non-essential items in a locked facility, allowing you to move the items you need first and foremost.

The large items, for a low cost, can be kept securely and moved at your own pace after you are set up in the new home. This can serve many purposes. Not only does it help you for the reason just mentioned, but when you’re in your new home, you will be able to identify and plan the space. This will allow you to choose where you want the heavier and bulkier items of furniture before you bring them into the home. This can help you free up space to install your needed home furnishings, and then any extra items can be brought in later.

Plan & Drive The Route

Just as you always check out a house before you move into it, pre-planning your route destination can help you enjoy a more effective and well-planned journey come moving day. This way, you can assign motels or hotels to stay at during long-haul drives. It can also help you break up the traveling days into easily digestible parts.

While driving 10 hours a day might be the best way to complete the journey well, we all know this is boring and very draining. Instead, you might be tempted to make a day of it. Visiting landmarks along the destination and making a mini-vacation out of the whole affair can help you ‘see out’ your old life and ‘see in’ your new with celebration.

With these small tidbits of advice,  you’ll be sure to enjoy a much more relaxed move than you thought possible. It’s only as difficult as you make it.

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