Wednesday, 27 September 2017

The Surprising Ways That Clutter Is Affecting Your Life

Clutter is something that can affect anyone. Whether it’s because you’re being lazy with cleaning up your home or if it’s because you think your home lacks storage space, clutter can quickly pile up if we aren’t careful and it can start having adverse effects on our lives. It might be tempting to just sweep all of your clutter under the rug, but before you do something that you’ll regret, here are a couple of surprising ways that clutter can actually ruin your life and what you can do to stop it.

Clutter Can Increase Your Stress

No one wants to come home after a stressful day at work, only to be presented with more stress as you walk through the door to a messy home. The sight of books thrown around the home or unorganised chaos in your decor could trigger stress, and although it might not seem like a huge deal, our busy lives are usually an excuse for cleaning up the mess and we simply ignore it. In addition, it can become stressful when it’s difficult to find something that you need. Perhaps you need an important paper document that you stored away at some point but it’s proving difficult to find because you can’t remember where it is among all the clutter that you’ve built up.

Clutter Slows You Down

Imagine trying to find an important document in a sea of papers and books. It’s pretty much impossible and you’ll just be wasting your time even trying. If you have to wade through tight corridors or rooms of boxes and clutter, then it’s going to slow down your daily routine and may even make you late for work or meetings and your bad hoarding habits could affect how you approach your work. However, you could fix this and speed up your daily activities with a bit of organisation. For instance, you could declutter your bathroom with a vanity unit and put all of your products in a single location. This will save you having to put all of your items on the sink basin or counters in your bathroom, making it easier to find what you need in the mornings or when you come home from work.

Clutter Can Cost You Money

The source of clutter is usually related to your spending habits. For example, if you’re hoarding all kinds of magazines and hobby-related items, then they’re probably worth quite a lot of money and your spending habits are feeding into your hoarding nature. By cutting down on your spending and focusing on things that you’re actually going to use, you can severely reduce clutter. Financial problems like debt can arise from clutter. If you’re constantly losing space in your home because of large boxes or by having too many belongings, then it’s probably because you are spending far too much. Try to minimise the number of things you purchase or at least have a shelf or cupboard to store your belongings in when they’re not in use. Create a budget that you can stick with and you’ll soon find that reducing clutter is easier when you can control your spending.

Clutter Can Ruin Your Relationships

It’s unlikely that any partner of yours will appreciate living together in a cluttered home. Excessive clutter can become a major problem in the relationship and it may even cause you to neglect other things that are important. For instance, your children may be forced to live in a cluttered environment and they might be embarrassed to invite friends over. Your relatives might visit and comment on how messy your living conditions are and they might make comments that could adversely affect your relationship with them. In addition, clutter tends to isolate people because if you live in a messy home, you’re unlikely to ever invite friends or relatives over. If you want to strengthen your relationships with both family, friends and loved ones, make sure you put decluttering your home as a priority.


To put it simply, clutter can affect your life in many adverse ways. Whether it’s ruining your relationship, eating up your budget or slowing down your daily life, beat back clutter and take control of your life before it takes control of you. If you feel like staying organised is difficult, then simply learn to get rid of items that you don’t really need or purchase more storage cabinets and shelves to use as storage. With a combination of smart spending habits, planning and organisation, you can easily beat back the effects of clutter and live a life free of stress.

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