Tuesday, 19 September 2017

5 Things You Need To Make Your Home Friend-Friendly

If you’re looking for ways to improve your home, have you considered making it more suitable for entertaining your friends? You may have had no problems doing this so far, but there are always ways you can create a better atmosphere for those you love. Here are 5 things you need to make your home more friend-friendly:

Cozy Furniture (With Options)
If you want your friends to stay awhile, you’re going to need cozy furniture. If you don’t want them over all that often, or you prefer fleeting visits, then feel free to invest in furniture they won’t want to stay in so long! Think about the material and feel of your furniture carefully. Having a basket of blankets downstairs is a wonderful idea for the cooler months. Let them grab one as they please!

A Social Seating Layout
Having multiple friends over at once, chitter-chattering away is a great way to get some much needed social stimulation in your life. With this in mind, you’re going to need a social seating layout. This means arranging your furniture angled towards one another, so your friends can all see and hear one another clearly.

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A Selection Of Drinks To Choose From
Having a selection of drinks available for your friends is one way to get them to love coming over. There’s tea, coffee, juice, and even wine for those night's when you need a good old chinwag! Don’t forget your wine cooler dual zone to keep your wine nice and cool for when they arrive. They’ll be super impressed if you have a cooler dedicated solely to wine!

An Open Plan Space
Having an open plan home is one of the most effective things you can do to create more space in your home, not to mention make it more social. Opening up your home like this will make it seem larger. It will also make the space more practical for preparing food and drinks and chatting away to your friends at the same time. If you do this properly, it could even add some value to your home when it comes to sell. Make sure you find a reputable professional who is experienced when it comes to open plan homes. Knocking out a wrong wall could mean your whole life collapsing around you!

A Kitchen Island
Kitchen islands are such a popular choice for those who are looking to improve their kitchens. Not only do they look great if you have enough space, they give you more preparation space for those who love to cook. They also allow you to continue chatting away with friends and family, so you don’t have to worry about being a bad host! Adding one of these to your kitchen may seem a little extreme, but it will certainly make your home a better space for entertaining.

What do you think of adding these 5 things to your home to make it more friend-friendly? Will you be entertaining more? Leave your own thoughts and comments below!

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