Monday, 21 August 2017

Let Your Home Shine With Metallics


Have you always wanted a home that impresses all your visitors? There’s a very easy way to do that: make it shine! And there is no better way to let your home shine than by adding some decadent metallics to it. Lots of appliances come in metallic finishes these days, and lots of home decor shops now stock fancy metallic, ornate items.

Even though metallic additions can really brighten up a home, not many people chose to use them in their house’s interior design as they are often thought of as a very bold choice. But you don’t have to be a cutting-edge interior designer to use these super cool additions. Here are some tips that can help you get your metallics just right.

Don’t Be Scared To Mix Your Metals
When it comes to metals you have two choices: gold and silver. Previously, many designers have believed that it is important to choose one metal and stick to it throughout the house. That’s because it brings unity to the overall style. However, that is now a very out of date idea, and these days most designers are happy to mix and match gold and silver in a room. So, in your bathroom, you might like to add a contemporary silver towel rail from alongside some gold taps and plugs in the sink and bath. You’ll also be able to easily mix and match different metals in your kitchen.

Add Different Textures
One of the most obvious materials to add to your home when you want to experiment with metallics is, of course, metal. There are some other different textures that can come in a metallic colour or finish and are well worth adding to your home. For instance, some gold or silver coloured cushions will look great in your living room, especially if you add a metal coffee table from When you mix and match different textures in this way, you can make your rooms aesthetically interesting.

Add Some Natural Decor
Just because you want to use metallics in your home doesn’t mean that you need to stick to a very state of the art and contemporary decor. In fact, adding some natural elements to your interior design can look really great with your metallic touches. So, it’s a good idea to add some pot plants, blankets made from natural materials, and woven furniture, so your home doesn’t look like it has been completely overtaken with metals!

Get Crafty
Sometimes metallic items can be quite expensive in the shops but, thankfully, there is a very cheap way to incorporate them into your house - you just need to get crafty and make some of your own items! For example, you can spray paint a variety of different ornaments and household additions with gold or silver paint.

As you can see, you don’t have to be so daunted by the use of metallics in your home. They are super easy to incorporate into your design and can really improve your decor!

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