Monday, 14 August 2017

Improving The Kitchen In A Period Home

If you’ve invested in a period property; you’ll already appreciate the character, features, and charm it provides you. Houses with history have plenty of original highlights from the era they were built and can make beautiful living spaces. However, they can also come with their challenges, and often need a little care and attention to bring them up to a modern living standard without losing any of their personality. As your kitchen is the heart of the home; you’ll want to ensure it’s a functional and safe place to cook your food and an area where the family are happy to gather and eat their meals. The following are some things to consider if you’re undertaking a renovation project on your period kitchen.


Function And Safety

A kitchen is full of pipes, wires, and gas and electrical outlets. Therefore, a period property might pose more of a risk to your safety, than a newly built home. It’s vital to check that all your plumbing and wiring are up to modern safety standards so that everything functions well and there’s no risk to you and your loved ones when they’re using the space. Call in the help of reputable, qualified plumbers and electricians to check everything in the kitchen, and invest in the updates and changes the environment needs.

Although original flooring is often an appealing draw to a period ome for many; it can be an uneven surface which is hazardous if you’re carrying something fresh out of the oven. It might be worth using a self levelling compound to ensure you have a smooth base to work with, before restoring or replacing the flooring in your kitchen. The same goes for all the surfaces in the space; bumpy and uneven surfaces not only pose a risk, but they could also be caused by an issue that you can’t see, like damp, so make sure you’ve checked the safety aspect during your renovation.

Decor And Style

Once you’ve sorted out the structural and safety side of things in your period kitchen space; you can begin to enjoy the decorating and interior styling process. Choose tiles that reflect the era in which your property was built, and retain as many of the original fixtures and fittings as possible. You can juxtapose modern cabinets with vintage colours and reclaimed furniture; there are plenty of ideas online on how to marry the two styles, so check some out before you go furniture shopping.

Accessories like clock, utensils, and serveware can all reflect the period of the kitchen in which they reside; online auction sites and charity and vintage shops are a great place to start sourcing your wares. Adorn the kitchen table with an original vase from the era, or pop some teacups and saucers on an upcycled dresser; it’s down to your personal style, but the details are what will make the room special.

Keeping your walls and ceiling in a neutral colour palette will allow you to collect and display an array of original pieces, in various hues and prints, without the space becoming cluttered. The more effort you put into the kitchen, the more you and your loved ones will enjoy being there.

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