Monday, 21 August 2017

And Breathe! Transforming Your Home Into A Relaxing Retreat

For most of us, there’s no place like home. After a busy day at work, a long journey or a break away, there’s nothing like the feeling of crashing on the sofa with a cup of tea or nestling into your own bed. The trouble is that not everybody feels this way about their home. If you’ve recently moved or your home isn’t quite the tranquil sanctuary you crave, here are some simple suggestions to turn your home into a relaxing retreat.

Define each room’s use
If you love nothing more than to relax and chill out at home, it’s really useful to have a clear definition of what each room is used for. If you’ve got quiet spaces, you know to head here when you need to unwind, or you’re craving peace. Set aside space for contemplation or activities you enjoy doing away from the madness of the kitchen or living room. It’s particularly important to ensure that your bedroom is a calming space. Don’t try and turn a boudoir into a study, a playroom or a closet. Keep your room free from clutter, avoid technology whenever possible and try and use this room only for relaxation purposes. If you’re working in your bedroom, you’ve got study books lying around or the children’s toys are everywhere, the lines between working, playing and chilling out will become blurred.

Inject tranquility
If your home is a little more hectic than heavenly, there are lots of ways you can try and make it a more peaceful, tranquil space. Pay attention to the design of the room and try and create a calm, cosy atmosphere. Choose colours that make you feel relaxed and consider the option of using the room to transport you somewhere else. Using murals from sites like Wallpaper Ink, you could turn a living room into an enchanted forest or a reading room into a seaside sanctuary. If you’re using murals, choose prints and designs that take you to places where you feel completely relaxed. If you’re toying with the idea of a colour change, match the mood and use of the room to the shade. In an office, you want to be motivated, inspired and focused while in a bedroom, you want to feel serene. Once you’ve sorted the walls, use dim lighting, candles, houseplants, and soft furnishings to set the tone.

Eliminate stress
When you think about why your home isn’t perfect, what issues come to mind? Are you tired of dealing with half-finished DIY jobs, is paint peeling off the walls or is there stuff everywhere? Write a list, and start working your way through it. Once you’ve addressed everything that is stressing you out, you’ll feel much happier at home.

Most of us have desires to own or rent a home that makes us feel safe and secure and enables us to relax in comfort. If your home isn’t quite the relaxing retreat you long for, hopefully, this guide will come in handy and enable you to create a tranquil space to chill out and get cosy.

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