Wednesday, 23 August 2017

All Is Not Lost! Manage Like A Pro When You Lose Your Handbag

Do you ever think that your entire life might be in your handbag? Most of us carry all of our credit cards, some ID like a passport, our keys, phone, and entire makeup bag in there. It’s fair to say that if you lost your handbag, you might find yourself losing your cool. The trouble is, it can be really easy to lose your bag. We’re all forgetful from time to time. And there are some unscrupulous opportunist thieves out there too. What you need is a backup plan:

Most mobile phones use cloud services. This means all your important information is backed up somewhere online. Others can be backed up on your computer. Make sure you use these services! If your phone was lost, you could still retrieve photos and emails from other places. Not many people are aware of mobile phone insurance cover. If you think you might benefit from this extra cover, then shop around.

Losing your keys means you can’t get into your car to drive home. Once you arrive at your front door, you won’t be able to get in. This might not be such a problem if you live with someone else. But if you’re on your own, then you’re on your own. Contact a locksmith who can change your locks completely. This offers extra security should the handbag thief know where you live. You can also invest in other security measures to help you feel more secure. This is a great idea if you live alone.

Always scan or photograph your most important documents like qualifications and ID. This provides a backup if any of it was ever lost - very handy if you get caught out abroad! It isn’t usually accepted as official ID in that form but can be used as a reference until you receive replacements.

Keep a record of your bank account details somewhere apart from your handbag. If your cards are lost or stolen, you should immediately call the bank to put a stop on them. Have that number to hand if you can, although it is usually posted on the bank website. It should be a free phone number, so you could call from any phone, even if your own was stolen.

So what do you do if you lose your handbag? You could try retracing your steps, but it is more important that you cancel your bank and credit cards. Report the loss to your local police station. If you are left with no cash and no means to get home, they will do their best to help you out. Have at least one person’s phone number memorised so you can contact them in an emergency to come and pick you up.

The important thing is not to panic. It’s easy to feel lost and cut off if you do lose your entire handbag. Take action quickly, and don’t be afraid to ask for help. Walk to wherever you feel safe. It might be your office, a police station, a library, or a shopping centre. Find someone official, and ask to use their phone. Take care.

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