Monday, 14 August 2017

A Beginner's Guide To Improving The Value Of Your Home

If you’re looking to sell your home in the near future then you should put a lot of work into improving it before you chuck it out onto the market. However well you think you’ve looked after it, there are always ways to increase its values through small and cost-effective improvements. All it requires is a little extra work. Put the hours in, and you’ll see the value increase. Of course, if this is your first time selling a house then you might feel a little out of your depth. This beginner’s guide should really help you with the task of improving the value of your home.

Focus on the most coveted aspects of a home.
You have to put yourself in the buyer’s shoes. Imagine that you’re the one looking around houses (in fact, you’ve likely already done that or you’re about to do that if you’re selling this house and moving to a new one). What are the things you’d look for in a new house? You need to focus on improving these big areas if you want to impress potential buyers. Kitchens and bathrooms are the main things which capture the attention of people looking to buy a new property, so these are definitely the rooms you need to focus on improving the most.

Opt for a contemporary modern design and try to reduce the number of sentimental photographs or quirky designs that make this place feel like it’s already somebody else’s home; potential buyers like to see the potential for a new property to become their home, and it’s hard for them to see that if they feel as if they’re intruding on somebody else’s home. It’s a good idea to declutter and turn the house into a minimalistic blank slate anyway. Leave a little colour and character to make the place aesthetically pleasing to viewers, but you need to clean the place up and open the space. Freshly-painted white walls create a blank canvas and also reflect natural light to brighten up a room. Double-glazed windows trap heat and reduce energy bills, impressing potential buyers on all manner of grounds.

Pour more money into improving it.
You might be rolling your eyes and thinking that, whilst this is a great idea, you don’t have any spare money to pour into home improvement projects. Rather than working extra hours at your job or trying to sell things within the house to improve the house, you could instead use the space you already have available; rent out one of your rooms until the house sells.

Letting is a great way to earn money in order to make further improvements to the house. You could look into options such as Airbnb management services if you were considering using Airbnb to help you rent out your room. A management company could help you create a fully-operational business out of this venture and get the best price possible from each temporary tenant.

Work on the exterior.
This is a very important part of the home renovation process. You’ve heard of the term “curb appeal” before, and that’s because it’s one of the most important parts of reeling in potential buyers. First impressions really do count, and people aren’t going to give the interior of your home a chance if the exterior is ugly and decaying. You should focus on painting the exterior woodwork, first and foremost. Taking this DIY approach is cost-effective whilst still making a huge impression on people. A fresh coat of paint can make anything look brand new.

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