Saturday, 29 July 2017

Is Summer The Perfect Time To Winter Proof Your Home?


The seventh season of Game of Thrones was released this week with a marketing campaign centred around the slogan “Winter Is Here”. While that may be true in the fictional land of Westeros, most of us are preparing our homes for summer. We’re taking down drapes, opening windows and maybe even re-painting walls to make everything feel bright and breezy while we enjoy the sun. It’s a time for leaving the windows open long into the night and sipping a cool glass of white wine on the porch. But it’s also, whether we like it or not, the best time to admit it to ourselves… Winter will be here before we know it.

As we slap on our sunscreen and enjoy playing with the kids in the garden, it might be casting an eye over your beloved abode and ask yourself some searching questions.

Will your boiler survive the winter?

When it comes to keeping your home warm when the weather turns, your boiler’s health will either make or break you. It can be costly and disruptive to replace central heating, but if your boiler might be on its last legs it may be worth considering replacing or upgrading it. Gas fitters tend to charge less or even have promotional offers in the summer months when demand is reduced.

. You should consider replacing your boiler if:

  • You’ve had it 15 years or more.
  • It takes forever to heat up.
  • Your pilot light burns yellow instead of blue.
  • It makes strange noises and / or smells.

It might also be worth checking if you’re eligible for a free government grant.

Do your radiators actually radiate?

As well as your boiler, your radiators themselves may need an upgrade. If the old thing is a bit of an eyesore then you may want to replace it. There are more options than ever for radiators both functionally and aesthetically. They can be centrally heated, electric or dual fuel. They can bel flat, column or convector panel, horizontal or vertical.

If your radiators aren’t functioning optimally but you can’t face replacing them, it’s worth using a radiator additive which makes your radiator hotter and keep it warmer for longer.

Have you ever even seen your loft insulation?

As the heat from your radiators or fire  rises, your insulation is the only thing that can prevent it from leaking through the roof, along with the money you spend on heating. If you notice fluctuating indoor temperatures, a rise in your heating bills, or signs of animal infestation in your attic space then your insulation desperately needs to be replaced.

Do you feel colder when walking past a closed window?

If you don’t know how energy efficient your windows are then your heating costs could quite literally be going… Out the window. You might think that energy efficiency is hard to quantify but  The British Fenestration Rating Council are a nationally recognised body who have devised a system for measuring energy efficiency in windows on a scale from A++ to E. Energy efficiency for a window is determined by its ability to;

  • Prevent heat from escaping.
  • Prevent drafts from getting in.
  • Absorb the free energy provided naturally by the sun.

If you’re feeling colder when you walk past a closed window then it, too might be worth an upgrade.

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