Tuesday, 4 July 2017

How to Make Minimalist Design Work for Your Home

Minimalism is something you either love or hate. Some people see it as cold, boring and far too simple for their tastes. However, others embrace simplicity and enjoy the clean and sleek look for a minimalist furniture arrangement. It’s a design concept that eventually becomes an acquired taste the longer you’re exposed to it and, as many designers in the industry know, it’s more than just reducing clutter.
Minimalism embraces simple yet functional designs. It’s all about keeping your life streamlined and easy while also retaining some semblance of style. It’s about making the most of the space while simultaneously highlighting emptier parts of your room in order to show off a clean and sleek design. Minimalist design is something that can be incorporated into just about anything, and your home is a great place to start if you want to learn more. So to give you a little help, here are some ways to make a minimalist design work for your home.
Declutter first, design later
Decluttering your home is the first step you need to take if you want to embrace minimalist design. This is harder said than done, so consider using your garage as a temporary storage area or renting out a storage area to keep all of your unwanted items. Anything that you don’t immediately need should be thrown away, sold or kept safe in a storage area. You also want to try and cut down on random items that you have laying around. For instance, if you have a lot of little trinkets and collectables, consider putting them into a display cabinet to look neater instead of dotting them around your rooms.
Don’t neglect the outside
Be it your siding, the windows or even the roof, make sure you’re keeping a minimalist design on the outside as well. Use neutral colours and try to avoid loud patterns. The roof is a particular area of interest due to how visible it is from far away. Although you might not be able to reshape the roof for a clean design, you can look at brick slips at Roofing Superstore that can also be applied to the sides of your home to create a neat and minimalist look all the way around your home.
Function first, form later
A room is usually defined by the activities that take place inside of it. For instance, if you’re trying to design a living room then you may want to add things such as a sofa, a television and perhaps a coffee table and a side table. These are the key ingredients to creating a living room and should be present no matter what type of living room design you are going for. Removing these do not enhance the function of a room, but they do increase your frustration and annoyance. In some cases, the function of a room isn’t clearly set, such as your loft, so it’s worth having flexible furniture that can serve multiple purposes such as a daybed or a multi-tiered coffee table.

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