Saturday, 1 July 2017

Boring To Beautiful: Simple Ways To Transform Your Bedroom

Most of us are guilty of spending too much time daydreaming about fantasy homes, exotic holidays, and makeup looks that are to die for courtesy of Instagram. If you’re obsessed with checking out new interior pins or you can’t stop exploring new posts on the explore tab, it’s time to be more proactive. Instead of pining over somebody else’s hard work, why not use their ideas as inspiration for your own bedroom makeover? If your room is more boring than beautiful, you don’t need a degree in interior design to achieve an incredible transformation. Here are some simple ways you can create a stylish, tranquil boudoir.

Switch up your colour palette
Are you bored of the colours on your walls or have you outgrown your teenage choices? Have you moved house or are you keen to embrace new trends and try a fresh look? Whatever your reason for revamping your room, changing up the colourway is a great place to start. In the bedroom, it’s often wise to go for subtle and muted shades, as they create a relaxing and calm atmosphere. If you’ve got bright walls, clashing prints, and coloured accessories, this can overload your senses, and you may find that your room makes you feel energized rather than at ease. Pastel shades are an excellent choice, and neutral tones like white, beige and grey are really popular at the moment. Once you’ve got a base shade, you can add interest with accessories and soft furnishings, which are coloured or patterned.

Make your bed a focal point
Most of us long to climb into bed at the end of a long day. If your bed is usually piled high with clothes, the frame is old and worn, the headboard has slipped down the wall, or you’ve got a duvet cover that has seen better days, this isn’t exactly the most alluring proposition. Treat yourself to some new linen, which matches the colour scheme, replace the bedhead and have a look at new frames on sites like Cuckooland for inspiration if your old faithful cannot be saved. Pile cushions high and layer some throws at the end of the bed to make your room cosier. Take a minute to make the bed every morning. This will make such a difference when you walk into your bedroom after a tough day.

Add some detail
If you don’t want to make wholesale changes to your bedroom, but it could do with a bit more personality, focus on the detail. Put up some shelves and add potted plants, framed photos of friends and family, candles, and ornaments. Hang some wall art, and place a couple of rugs on the floor. You can pick up accessories like frames, candleholders, vases, and framed prints very cheaply online and they can make all the difference.

Is your bedroom a bit tired or dull? Do you dream of having one of those rooms you see on your Instagram feed? If so, it is possible to transform your bedroom without blowing the budget. Think about changing the colour scheme, add some accessories, and make sure your bed steals the show. Add a couple of subtle personal touches, and embrace that cosy, lived-in vibe.  

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