Friday, 7 July 2017

Bigger On The Inside: More Space In A Tiny Room

A house with a separate bedroom feels more like a luxury these days, especially if you live in the city. Not only does this make it impossible to have people visit (although in some cases this might be a blessing) but it makes it difficult for you to truly relax in a quiet space that is separate from your kitchen and bathroom. Whether you live in a studio apartment, or you have a bedroom that barely has space for all your stuff, here are a few tips to make it feel a little bigger.
Storage bed
Gone are the days when you felt guilty about hiding your mess under the bed. Now you can buy the perfect storage beds to purposefully store some of your belongings. They can come in any kind of design; you can get a classic bed with drawers underneath, or you can get a little more creative with headboard storage. Lately, people have been getting more creative with their bedroom setup and are combining storage with sleeping space to open up the bedroom a little more. As long as you keep all your belongings in their designated space, you won’t be short of space in your bedroom for a long time. If the storage in your bed is going to be mostly out of sight, then it might be better suited for items you don’t immediately need, such as extra blankets for winter, or blank notepads to be used in the future.
Use your wall space
If the floor has no space for storage, then it’s time to make good use of your more extensive wall space. Many of us don’t stop to consider just how much space is available on the walls, particularly if there aren’t any mirrors or pieces of art hanging on them, so you could get a 2 column radiator here to install on your wall, then keep your books and various trinkets on shelves instead. Start installing shelves 12 inches below your ceiling (arguably the least used space in any bedroom) along the whole perimeter of your bedroom, and then add more going down as necessary. You could design a more creative wall-to-wall storage solution so that your studio apartment can function as a bedroom, study, or living room as needed. The wall space above your bed is also worth claiming, because it’s great for keeping pyjamas, bedsheets, and other essential items close by.
Floating Furniture
Building on from the idea of using your wall space, mounted, or “floating” furniture, is a creative way to keep all your essential furniture, but still have plenty of floor space. As an added bonus, it will make cleaning so much easier, as you won’t have to manoeuvre your vacuum around the legs of your bedside table. You can choose to leave the space below the floating furniture clear, or use it to store more items, as long as they’re not in your way. Anything can be transformed into floating furniture; your bedside table, your desk, or even a chest of drawers if you’re really handy at DIY.
Standalone wardrobes can be bulky, but they don’t often fit in all you clothes. There are two possible solutions to this problem, once you’ve donated any unnecessary clothes to charity. If you’re lucky enough to have fitted wardrobes in your bedroom, then switch out the doors for sliding doors to remove the concerns about where the doors will open out to. If you don’t have a fitted wardrobe, then you can hang a clothes rack in the corner of your bedroom. Of course, this means that your entire clothes collection will be openly displayed, but if this really bothers you, then you can use an old bedsheet as a stylish cover.
Fold-down furniture
Say you need a desk in your room, but you don’t have enough floor space to accommodate a desk; just install a fold-down desk that practically disappears when you fold it back up against the wall. These desks come in all shapes, sizes, and styles. Some even have built-in storage for your office supplies. They’re a great storage solution for your bedroom, if and when you work from home. All you need is a chair to complete the set up, and the chair can still be used even when the desk is stored away.
Multi-purpose furniture
You shouldn’t bother buying a bedside table when your desk is kept next to your bed anyway. Maximise your space buy cutting down on the furniture in your room.

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