Monday, 24 July 2017

Turn Your Living Room Into A Vintage Library Hideaway

Have you ever watched the movies where they are in a vintage looking library, that also turns out to be a secret lair when a specific book is moved? - There's something so stunning about the room; it seems to give off a sense of knowledge, history, passion, and warmth.
Well if you'd like to give your home a unique edge that will surprise guests when they come to visit, then why not convert your ordinary looking living room into a regal hideout?
It's actually not as complicated as you would imagine it to be, as long as you focus on certain areas.
Here's what you'll need.

Now, of course, it wouldn't be a library without a bookcase. Depending on the space that you're dealing with, will determine how big you can go with this, but one trick to get the full effect, is by choosing a bookcase big in size whether this be tall, wide, or both. This will create the illusion of power and purpose, as you will feel a lot smaller in comparison.

You can't pull off this style if you don't have a chesterfield sofa in the room. These bring so much life to a room, almost as if they come with secret stories built inside the leather. Plus, they're extremely comfortable - perfect for putting your feet up and getting lost in the book of your choice.

Coffee table
What good is a having a sofa if you have nowhere to put down your mug of hot stuff? Not only that, but you can stack up your favourite books so you know what's next to come. It's wise to get a table that comes with a draw, or even a cupboard fitted underneath. This is so you have some storage space for any little bits and bobs you may want, like paper and pens if you feel inspired. Remember that clutter kills a room - so hide it.

You will need efficient lighting in the room so you can see the pages properly when you plan on reading, having said that, what makes the room feel like a hideaway is having a glow as a pose to a bright white light. So get a lamp next to your seating area so you have no trouble reading. Consider buying a chandelier, or a cluster of lights as a centrepiece in the room. And don't forget candles! They add to the mystery.

Invest in a fancy looking rug that has intricate patterns and design on it, and put that either in the centre of the room or in front of where your sofa is. Avoid bright colours, but make sure it's busy, so the eye is drawn to it. Little features added to a room like this create more experiences for you visually.


If you consider yourself to be a creative one of sorts, why not having a go at making something yourself? Whether that be a painting or a wooden sculpture - bringing in a part of yourself is a beautiful way to claim the room.

Thursday, 6 July 2017

How To Open Up The Space In A Tiny Kitchen

Unless you’re lucky enough to have a large kitchen space; you can often feel like you’re cooking in the galley of a ship, and are stuck in a claustrophobic environment. However, it’s a challenge to know what steps to take to make the space feel bigger, without spending a large chunk of your hard earned money on an extension, or moving property. The following are some tips and tricks to making your kitchen space feel a little bigger so that the time that you spend in there is as enjoyable as possible.



The deeper and darker the colours in your culinary space, the more closed in it will feel. Therefore try to ensure that the walls and ceiling areas of the room are in a light shade, or even white. You’d be amazed a what a fresh coat of paint in a radiant, neutral hue can do; calm and bright shades reflect any light that hits them, instead of absorbing it. The more light that’s bouncing around a room, the more spacious it will feel.

Consider replacing old, patterned tiles, with fresh new ones; tiles can be as much of a feature in your kitchen as you want them to be, so it’s worth putting thought into the size, shape, and colour of them, along with your choice of grout. Check out how to choose the right size tile for your space, here: The colour of your kitchen cabinets will also impact the feeling of space in the room, especially those on the wall; think about replacing doors or painting them for a quick and easy update, which will ensure that you’ve opened up the space.


As mentioned beforehand; the more light that can fill up your kitchen space, the roomier it will feel. Therefore, looking into companies like Buckingham Double Glazing will show you how much a larger window, or replacing the back door with floor to ceiling patio doors and windows, will allow light to flood the room. If you feel like the kitchen flows into your outside space with ease, the room will have had an immediate extension without any of the expensive building work.

During the evenings and nighttime, you’ll need t ensure that you’ve installed adequate lighting so that you can see what you’re preparing, and space is opened up successfully. Consider putting in lights under the kitchen cupboards on the wall, and even the floor, for a more spacious effect. See how the lighting in your kitchen will impact the space and gain some ideas and inspiration and what could be achieved in your home.


Ensuring that you have neat and adequate storage, in a minimalist design, in your kitchen, will make the decluttering process a lot easier. Clean, tidy, and uncluttered worksurfaces and countertops will immediately open up the room and give you a fresh environment to cook your meals. Therefore, you might just need to spend a little time to organise your shelves and cupboards, wiping surfaces, and getting rid of clutter, so that your kitchen gets a boost in size without the help of any builders.

Image from PEXELS