Monday, 26 June 2017

Want A Dream Bathroom? Don't Throw In The Towel!

As a mother, the importance of a bathroom is clear. With mucky kids coming in from playing in the garden, to the little soccer stars dripping with mud - something needs to do the cleaning. That something is the bathroom - and whether it's a tacky or trashy bathroom - or something fit for a princess - the bathroom does its job and usually does it well. A bathroom is an important room, and that's reflected in the impact it has on the value of a home. A good, well-designed bathroom can boost a house price by quite a bit. Don't take it for granted. You know how good it is!

You probably do, at least. If that's you, your mind is probably full of visions of a dream bathroom. The bathroom that looks as good as it works. This isn't unachievable at, but as a parent, it feels like it is. We might not have the money or the time to improve the bathroom and that's a shame. It can reduce those dreams to ashes and leave us stuck with a boring bathroom. Who wants that? Not you - for sure. However, if you're in this place, it's because you've literally thought yourself out of having what you want from a bathroom. Be easy on yourself - your dream bathroom is something you have. It'll cost you and if that's off putting, at least take elements of your dream bathroom and use them in your current one!
What you can do is learn. Yes - a lot of the work and effort put into a dream bathroom requires skills. These can be picked up and learned. Tiling, fitting, sealing - these key skills can be utilized by anyone with a willingness to learn them. They are hard - for sure - what skill isn't? But look at you! If you're a parent, you are already full of skills - what's one more? If you can raise kids, you can tile - trust me. It just takes time, but you can save a lot of cash if you're willing to put in the hard work yourself. Just make sure you're in the know about what you're doing. Otherwise, you'll be forking out for the work to be repaired.

You can also get bathroom products from a wide range of places. Sites like Bathroom Takeaway are common, meaning that you can easily identify the products and facilities that will make up your dream bathroom and shop around for them to compare prices and get the best deals. Smart shopping is how you'll get your dream bathroom in place.

If your dreams are too big, you'll have to reel them in. You'll also have to pick function over style. If your bathroom looks good, but can't help you and your family get clean, that's not right. Bathrooms work well when spend is big in one area, and that spend is complimented well in others - for example, an ornate bathtub will be the centerpiece.  This approach can be worth the while.

Your dream bathroom isn’t far away - you just need to put the effort in.

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