Wednesday, 21 June 2017

For The Twentysomethings That Feel Stuck And Lost


Being twenty-something isn’t what it used to be. It’s terrifying actually. The world is such an uncertain place and it has changed so much in just a generation that our parents can’t really help us find our own path anymore. The whole quarter-life crisis thing has cropped up out of nowhere and it’s not exactly showing any signs of slowing down.
But before you crumple up into another ball and start sobbing without really knowing what you are sobbing about because it is so hard to make sense of the world, we have come up with a list of things every twentysomething should do to help them find out who they are and get more out of life.

Drop The Tech
We have all seen every part of the world through our phones and tablets. We are virtual explorers and it sucks. We see the world through a screen, we talk to people through a keyboard, we put a filter on life and we overload our brain with information we are not sure is true. This is fun when you are a teenager but you need to stop it from taking over your life when you are in your twenties to have real experiences.

Think About Money
Thanks to Instagram and that sort of stuff, making money seems to be something we do so that we can splash it and show the world our lives are nothing but awesome. This is fun, but it is also foolish. You should start thinking about money differently. Start putting some of your earnings into a pensions pot or a savings account now, and reap the rewards later, while everyone is working beyond the retirement age.

Travel Alone
This is the greatest gift you can give yourself because, without wanting to dip into too many cliches, you get the chance to know who you are and what you want, without all that noise influencing you. If you’re anxious about this, which is fair, don’t worry too much. There are companies out there, like Just You, which cater for those wanting to travel alone without being lonely. So, pack your holiday outfit, book a holiday and go see a new place in the comfort of good company; it will help you prioritize your wants in life.

Look After Your Body
Our bodies take a whole lot of naive punishment during our teen years. It starts with sugary sweets and even more sugary drinks, and then quickly moves to excessive drinking, lack of sleep and a complete abhorrence for exercise. The amazing thing is, you’ll still bounce back from this lifestyle because you are young. Cue your twenties. That spring in your step starts to fade and, what’s worse, you notice it. So start treating your body right now and your future self will thank you.

Keep The Childlike Wonder
Maturity is inevitable, and it should definitely be welcomed. I mean, flying off into fits of rage because something did go your way isn’t going to help you navigate life in your 20s. However, don’t let life get to you too much. There are some aspects of being a child you need to cling onto with everything you can, such as your curiosity, your smile, your sense of adventure and your want to have fun. Life will try and dim these; don’t let it.

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