Monday, 13 November 2017

How To Get A Naturally White Smile

Several factors cause teeth to lose their bright whiteness.  Certain foods, such as red wine, stain the enamel whilst plaque can build up on your teeth causing them to look yellow.  Here are some top tips on how you and your family can naturally whiten your teeth to benefit from sparkling natural smiles.


Oil pulling with coconut oil is a relatively new trend in the western world, yet oil pulling itself is a traditional Indian remedy known for improving oral hygiene and removing toxins.  Essentially, you swish oil around your mouth, pulling it through your teeth with a suction like pressure coming from your tongue.  This is known to remove bacteria, which can turn into plaque - causing your teeth to look yellow.

Technically, any oil will work but traditionally, Indians would use sunflower or sesame oil.  Coconut oil has a more refined taste and offers several additional health benefits - it is also scientifically proven to reduce inflammation and kill bacteria.  Although, there aren’t any scientific studies to prove oil pulling actually whitens your teeth there is a lot of anecdotal evidence to suggest oil pulling has a positive effect.

You’ll want to swish the oil in your mouth for 15-20 minutes and be sure to spit the coconut oil into a trash can rather than down the sink, as it could reform in solid form, once cold.

Apple cider vinegar is a natural disinfectant and popular natural cleaning product.  The main ingredient is acetic acid which effectively kills bacterial.  The antibacterials properties are what make it useful in keep a healthy mouth and whitening your teeth.  There was a scientific study that found apple cider vinegar does have a credible bleaching effect on teeth, this study was, however, performed on cow teeth (and found the vinegar may also soften the teeth).  

The acetic acid in vinegar could erode enamel, which is why you should not use apple cider vinegar every day.  It is best advised to be used as a mouthwash - diluted with water and swishing it around your mouth for a few minutes.  It’s important to rinse your mouth with water afterwards to remove any residue of acetic acid and best performed in the morning, as otherwise, the apple cider vinegar could damage your sleep.


Now, this one sounds a little scary, but people have been using hydrogen peroxide to disinfect wounds for centuries.  It’s also a natural bleaching agent that kills bacteria in your mouth.  There was a study that found using a commercial toothpaste containing hydrogen peroxide twice per day resulted in 62% whiter teeth in just six weeks.

This remedy is best used as a mouthwash before you brush your teeth (make sure to use a 1.5% - 3% solution) and mix with a little water as higher concentrations could cause very serious side effects.

Baking soda is on almost every “natural alternative” hotlist.  With regard to teeth, you may already known that baking soda is a natural whitener, as it is used in many commercial toothpastes for this reason.  It’s a mild abrasive and creates an alkaline environment in your mouth, which prevents bacteria from growing.

To use this natural remedy, make a paste with 1 teaspoon of baking soda and 2 teaspoons of water, then brush your teeth as normal.

Saturday, 11 November 2017

8 Affordable, Easy to Do Ways To Heat Your Home This Winter

During winter, it can often feel like we’re all in a constant battle with the cold. We get one step ahead, and then before we know it, the cold has crept in, and we’re back to square one. But we don’t have to admit defeat to the cold, ever! With just a few simple tips and tricks, we can make sure we’re kept at a pleasant temperature at our home until the warmth of spring has returned - and without doing too much damage to our bank balance, either. Below, we take a look at those easy to implement techniques you can incorporate into your home to ensure you’re always kept comfortable and warm.

The best of Winter Source:

Shut Those Curtains

You know how we said it’s a battle with the cold? We were serious. The heat in your house is always trying to escape; the cold outside is trying to get in. To combat this, you need to cut off their exit and entry points! So let’s think about your curtains. If they’re open, there’ll only be your windows adding as a barrier, and not all windows are good at putting up a fight. As soon as the sun sets, get those curtains drawn; they’ll help keep the warmth in. You should also look at getting your chimney blocked up, and cover any other draughts that might be responsible for letting their chilly air inside your home.

Consider Furniture Placement

Not all areas of your home will be equally warm. In fact, they won’t even be close to being equally warm. Let’s have a think about your living room, which is where you’ll be spending the majority of your evenings. If you couch is hunched up against your radiator, then you might get a small benefit, but it’ll only be temporary. What you’re actually doing is making sure the back of your sofa is toasty. Move the couch away, and the warm air will be free to circulate the room.

Be Smart With the Thermostat

You might think that the thermostat is one of the more straightforward aspects of your home, but studies have shown that most households make at least one error when it comes to this device. For starters, you should never turn up the thermostat just because it’s colder outside or because you want it to be warm more quickly. It’s supposed to keep the temperature the same whatever else is happening, so keep it at one level, and you’ll save money.

Switch Out Your Heating Source

Although, there’s also a chance that a thermostat system isn’t the right tool for heating your home in the first place. If you use home heating oil instead, you’ll be able to heat your home much more quickly, which is ideal if you’re always coming and going from your home, as most people are. This type of fuel also burns hotter, and for less money than other heating sources, too.

Get in the Kitchen

There’s nothing better than settling down to watch a movie with a plate of your favourite baked goods. But these baked goods will do more than just provide a delicious snack: in the process of making them, you’ll be getting your home nice and toasty. Leave the oven open after you’ve finished baking and all that heat will naturally spread to other areas of the house.  

Seal Up Those Unused Rooms

Why are you treating to heat rooms that aren’t being used? It takes a lot of energy to heat an entire house; if you remove them from the equation, then you’ll only need a fraction of the heat. During cold spells, it’s best just to close up those rooms until spring has returned.

Getting Romantic

Autumn and winter are inherently romantic times of the year, and this romance can also add an extra layer of warmth to your home! If you think that candles are one of the best things about the season (and how could you not?), then go big and place them throughout your house (though not the rooms you’ve already closed up for winter…). You’ll feel the effects from ten candles in the room, and you’ll also have created a romantic atmosphere. Win-win!

Focus On People, Not The Rooms

Finally, when it comes to affordable and straightforward home heating techniques, nothing works better than getting your priorities in order and focusing only on people. Think about what works to heat the people in your house, not the house itself, and you’ll be making smart decisions.

Monday, 21 August 2017

Home Improvements For A Secure Environment

Everyone wants to be able to feel safe and secure within their own home. In most places, safety and security are considered to be basic human rights, especially when you’re on your own property. Of course, though, it can be hard to feel safe without the right measures in place. The modern world is full of threats, and a lot of people don’t know how to protect themselves. To help you out with this, this post will be going through some of the best ways to secure your property. These are all about detection and prevention, as there is rarely a reason to take direct action against an intruder.

White and Gray Surveillance Camera in Macro Photography

  • CCTV/Lighting

Video is one of the best forms of evidence you can give the police. Along with this, CCTV systems can also be a great deterrent, as most criminals won’t want to risk their face being captured. CCTV systems are cheap to install, and modern ones can be used over the Internet. This gives you the ability to monitor your home from anywhere in the world. Cleverly placed security lights can also be used to help deter people from your home, as it’s impossible to tell if a person has turned them on or not.

White and Beige Concrete House

  • A Place For The Car

A lot of theft and property damage occurs as a result of high-value items being left unattended in places where they are visible. Often, this is how cars are stolen, so it makes sense that people want to have a way to protect their vehicle. Garages are one of the best ways to do this, giving somewhere to keep the car hidden away. But, of course, not all properties will have the space for this sort of change. For those with limited funds or room, a driveway paving company could have the resources you need to make a difference. Keeping your car away from the road is one of the best ways to protect it.

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  • Privacy Options

Having people be able to see into your home is a concern which a lot of homeowners have. A lot of break ins and robberies are done on an opportunistic basis. If a criminal sees something they can steal from you, they will be much more likely to break in. To solve this issue, you just need to boost your privacy. Window privacy film can be found at inexpensive prices and can be applied without any help. This is perfect for the bottom floor of any home.

  • Video Door Accessories

Having a knock at the door when you’re not expecting anyone can be a big daunting. Of course, in most cases, it’s someone just running errands or a business trying to sell you something. But, when safety and security are on the line, it’s not worth taking any risks. In recent times, loads of companies have started making special video door accessories. This sort of product can be used to view the faces of any visitors, making it nice and safe to open the doors.

Hopefully, this post will give you a good idea of what can be done to increase the security in and around your home, without breaking the bank. A lot of people ignore areas like this. But, considering the effort and cost involved, it’s well worth getting this area sorted out long before you ever need to.

And Breathe! Transforming Your Home Into A Relaxing Retreat

For most of us, there’s no place like home. After a busy day at work, a long journey or a break away, there’s nothing like the feeling of crashing on the sofa with a cup of tea or nestling into your own bed. The trouble is that not everybody feels this way about their home. If you’ve recently moved or your home isn’t quite the tranquil sanctuary you crave, here are some simple suggestions to turn your home into a relaxing retreat.

Define each room’s use
If you love nothing more than to relax and chill out at home, it’s really useful to have a clear definition of what each room is used for. If you’ve got quiet spaces, you know to head here when you need to unwind, or you’re craving peace. Set aside space for contemplation or activities you enjoy doing away from the madness of the kitchen or living room. It’s particularly important to ensure that your bedroom is a calming space. Don’t try and turn a boudoir into a study, a playroom or a closet. Keep your room free from clutter, avoid technology whenever possible and try and use this room only for relaxation purposes. If you’re working in your bedroom, you’ve got study books lying around or the children’s toys are everywhere, the lines between working, playing and chilling out will become blurred.

Inject tranquility
If your home is a little more hectic than heavenly, there are lots of ways you can try and make it a more peaceful, tranquil space. Pay attention to the design of the room and try and create a calm, cosy atmosphere. Choose colours that make you feel relaxed and consider the option of using the room to transport you somewhere else. Using murals from sites like Wallpaper Ink, you could turn a living room into an enchanted forest or a reading room into a seaside sanctuary. If you’re using murals, choose prints and designs that take you to places where you feel completely relaxed. If you’re toying with the idea of a colour change, match the mood and use of the room to the shade. In an office, you want to be motivated, inspired and focused while in a bedroom, you want to feel serene. Once you’ve sorted the walls, use dim lighting, candles, houseplants, and soft furnishings to set the tone.

Eliminate stress
When you think about why your home isn’t perfect, what issues come to mind? Are you tired of dealing with half-finished DIY jobs, is paint peeling off the walls or is there stuff everywhere? Write a list, and start working your way through it. Once you’ve addressed everything that is stressing you out, you’ll feel much happier at home.

Most of us have desires to own or rent a home that makes us feel safe and secure and enables us to relax in comfort. If your home isn’t quite the relaxing retreat you long for, hopefully, this guide will come in handy and enable you to create a tranquil space to chill out and get cosy.

Friday, 4 August 2017

Important Renovations That Actually Add Value To Your Home

You home is your castle, but it’s also a financial commodity and needs to be treated as such. Your home is a place to cherish and enjoy spending time, but it’s also an investment that you may some day wish to sell on, and you’ll want to make as much return on that investment as possible. When it comes to household renovations many of us shy away from them on the grounds of cost, but did you know that there are some renovations that will add more value to your property than they cost upfront?

As happy as you may be in your home there will probably come a time when you’d like to sell, whether you’re upsizing to accommodate a little bundle of joy or downsizing after your kids have grown up and flown the nest.

Paying for your projects

As much as a renovation project is an investment, it’s also something that adds non-monetary value to your home, making it a more luxurious and enjoyable place to spend time. That in itself is worth the investment, even if you don’t factor in the dividends that you’ll later enjoy. When it comes to paying for your projects, there are a range of options open to you. There’s no substitute for good old fashioned saving, but there’s no harm in using loans and credit cards so long as you can box clever with interest rates. Many credit card companies will lure you in with attractive 0% APR on purchases over a number of years so why not take advantage of this? Just be sure to keep transferring the debt to new cards to avoid paying excessive interest rates.

Which renovations make the most profits

On average, home improvements add around 10% to the value of your home, but not all renovations are equal in dividend. Some of the most profitable include:

Loft Conversions- A loft conversion is generally the most profitable renovation you can make, especially when the conversion has its own ensuite bathroom, adding an extra 21% to the value of your home. At an average cost of £20,000 it’s a big investment but one that will offer you a huge return on investment.

Conservatories- If you’re spoilt for garden space, you can add significant value to your property with a conservatory. You may face a difficult balancing act between choosing a design that complements your home and ensuring that you maximise the garden space you have, but for a 108% return on your investment it’s worth the temporary headache.
Windows- If you double glaze windows you not only add to the value of your property but make significant savings on energy costs before you sell, especially when winter rolls around. Double glazed windows prevent heat from escaping from your home while contributing significantly to the ‘kerb appeal’ of your property, making it easier to sell.

Kitchens and Bathrooms- Of all the rooms in the house, kitchens and bathrooms face the most scrutiny from prospective buyers. Renovating them not only increases the likelihood of selling your property but can add approximately £3,500- £5,000 apiece in value to your property.

Thursday, 3 August 2017

Raising Money To Afford Home Improvement

Being able to afford improving your home can be a bit of a struggle. On top of paying all the bills that you normally do, you have to find the money to buy the materials you need to improve your home and you have to hire someone to do it for you! This all takes a lot of time and effort, however there are a few easy ways you can raise the money to do such a project so keep reading if you’re interested!

Open A Savings Account

Savings accounts are very good ways of raising money without actually doing anything! Savings accounts are free to open with most banking societies like Santander and enable you to save money. The way they operate is that they take out a certain amount of money from your main bank account and drop it into the savings account. Whilst you make think there is no benefit to this, there is a big one; it removes temptation. Savings account money cannot be accessed by your card which removes the temptation to spend it! We are all guilty of spending money we shouldn’t so this takes out the ability to do so.

Take Out A Loan

Small loans can be a godsend when it comes to afford things that you need before payday, and home improvements are not an exception! There are all kinds of loans that you can get, but you can get specific unsecured home improvement loans that will directly suit your purposes! Being unsecured just means you need no guarantor for the loan which means that you can get it much quicker, however your credit score will limit the amount you can have so be mindful of this when you apply!

Sell The Things You Are Going To Replace!

Whilst this is not a way to raise money to pay for your home improvement, it does fill the void in your bank account after you’ve done it! Home improvement often involves getting rid of furniture, ornaments, doors and the like. All of these can be sold on the second hand market for a sizable sum, better than just throwing it all away! Sites like EBay allow you to sell your goods online for a small percentage of the selling. This is good because it allows thousands of people to see your listing and means that you can get a quick sale on it!

Doing any of these things are guaranteed to get you the money that you need! Whether it’s saving a little bit each month to have a precious pot to use for the renovation, or if it’s selling on your replaced items or even taking a loan out to fund your project, they will all provide for what you need! Some of these options are obviously quicker than others, it just depends on when you want to get it all done! If you’re looking at fixing something in your house after your renovation, or perhaps it is the reason why you’re renovating, take a look here for some quick ways to fix things in your house!

Shabby Chic: Not Just For Your Interior Design

Shabby chic is a phenomenon that has taken the world of interior design by storm. The quaint style has won the hearts of people all over the nation, with more and more people opting for vintage style furniture and furnishings that have a well-loved feel, showing wear and tear and adding an air of authenticity to any home. But why stop indoors? Shabby chic can also be used on the exteriors of your home. Here are a few ideas to extend the statement style to your garden space too!


Sleeper Flower Beds

Use wooden sleepers from George Hill Timber to create raised flower beds. Back in the day, people would grow their plants and even vegetables in homemade beds formed from railway sleepers. These are relatively cheap and easy to put together, explaining why they were so popular amongst people who wanted to section off certain parts of their garden for planting, without having to dig up their ground to create deep flower beds. Sleepers can be stacked on top of one another to create as deep a bed as you wish with as little effort and trouble as possible.


Metal Benches and Seating

Every garden should have somewhere comfortable for you and your loved ones to sit. So make an investment. Find a pretty metal two person seater, so you can sit next to whoever you are entertaining with a cup of tea for a chat out in the sun at any time of day. Metal has a timeless, vintage vibe that will add to the overall look of your home’s exterior. You can add small, removable cushions so that you can make the seat more comfortable, but store them away out of the elements on the night and during the winter.

Multi Use Planters

Shabby chic is all about making the most of what you already have around. So rummage through your belongings and see whether you can find anything in the depths of your cupboards that could make a good planter for small trees, shrubs or flowering plants. Ideal household items include water pails, wooden trugs or even old pots and pans.


Pastel Coloured Paint

Pastel coloured paints can make any space feel quaint and vintage. So use them to your advantage. Invest in a pot of outdoor paint or wood paint and get to work on your doors, window frames and sheds. Ensure that they all match to add a sense of continuity to your home’s exterior. Duck egg blue, pastel pink and pale yellows always tend to work pretty well. Try to find paints with a matt finish rather than gloss: this will wear well with time and give a more authentic overall look.

Remember to view your garden as an extension of your living space. So many people neglect their backyard when it can hold so much potential regarding design, aesthetics, and functionality. So show it a little TLC and spruce it up to match your home’s interiors.

Monday, 24 July 2017

Turn Your Living Room Into A Vintage Library Hideaway

Have you ever watched the movies where they are in a vintage looking library, that also turns out to be a secret lair when a specific book is moved? - There's something so stunning about the room; it seems to give off a sense of knowledge, history, passion, and warmth.
Well if you'd like to give your home a unique edge that will surprise guests when they come to visit, then why not convert your ordinary looking living room into a regal hideout?
It's actually not as complicated as you would imagine it to be, as long as you focus on certain areas.
Here's what you'll need.

Now, of course, it wouldn't be a library without a bookcase. Depending on the space that you're dealing with, will determine how big you can go with this, but one trick to get the full effect, is by choosing a bookcase big in size whether this be tall, wide, or both. This will create the illusion of power and purpose, as you will feel a lot smaller in comparison.

You can't pull off this style if you don't have a chesterfield sofa in the room. These bring so much life to a room, almost as if they come with secret stories built inside the leather. Plus, they're extremely comfortable - perfect for putting your feet up and getting lost in the book of your choice.

Coffee table
What good is a having a sofa if you have nowhere to put down your mug of hot stuff? Not only that, but you can stack up your favourite books so you know what's next to come. It's wise to get a table that comes with a draw, or even a cupboard fitted underneath. This is so you have some storage space for any little bits and bobs you may want, like paper and pens if you feel inspired. Remember that clutter kills a room - so hide it.

You will need efficient lighting in the room so you can see the pages properly when you plan on reading, having said that, what makes the room feel like a hideaway is having a glow as a pose to a bright white light. So get a lamp next to your seating area so you have no trouble reading. Consider buying a chandelier, or a cluster of lights as a centrepiece in the room. And don't forget candles! They add to the mystery.

Invest in a fancy looking rug that has intricate patterns and design on it, and put that either in the centre of the room or in front of where your sofa is. Avoid bright colours, but make sure it's busy, so the eye is drawn to it. Little features added to a room like this create more experiences for you visually.


If you consider yourself to be a creative one of sorts, why not having a go at making something yourself? Whether that be a painting or a wooden sculpture - bringing in a part of yourself is a beautiful way to claim the room.

Thursday, 6 July 2017

How To Open Up The Space In A Tiny Kitchen

Unless you’re lucky enough to have a large kitchen space; you can often feel like you’re cooking in the galley of a ship, and are stuck in a claustrophobic environment. However, it’s a challenge to know what steps to take to make the space feel bigger, without spending a large chunk of your hard earned money on an extension, or moving property. The following are some tips and tricks to making your kitchen space feel a little bigger so that the time that you spend in there is as enjoyable as possible.



The deeper and darker the colours in your culinary space, the more closed in it will feel. Therefore try to ensure that the walls and ceiling areas of the room are in a light shade, or even white. You’d be amazed a what a fresh coat of paint in a radiant, neutral hue can do; calm and bright shades reflect any light that hits them, instead of absorbing it. The more light that’s bouncing around a room, the more spacious it will feel.

Consider replacing old, patterned tiles, with fresh new ones; tiles can be as much of a feature in your kitchen as you want them to be, so it’s worth putting thought into the size, shape, and colour of them, along with your choice of grout. Check out how to choose the right size tile for your space, here: The colour of your kitchen cabinets will also impact the feeling of space in the room, especially those on the wall; think about replacing doors or painting them for a quick and easy update, which will ensure that you’ve opened up the space.


As mentioned beforehand; the more light that can fill up your kitchen space, the roomier it will feel. Therefore, looking into companies like Buckingham Double Glazing will show you how much a larger window, or replacing the back door with floor to ceiling patio doors and windows, will allow light to flood the room. If you feel like the kitchen flows into your outside space with ease, the room will have had an immediate extension without any of the expensive building work.

During the evenings and nighttime, you’ll need t ensure that you’ve installed adequate lighting so that you can see what you’re preparing, and space is opened up successfully. Consider putting in lights under the kitchen cupboards on the wall, and even the floor, for a more spacious effect. See how the lighting in your kitchen will impact the space and gain some ideas and inspiration and what could be achieved in your home.


Ensuring that you have neat and adequate storage, in a minimalist design, in your kitchen, will make the decluttering process a lot easier. Clean, tidy, and uncluttered worksurfaces and countertops will immediately open up the room and give you a fresh environment to cook your meals. Therefore, you might just need to spend a little time to organise your shelves and cupboards, wiping surfaces, and getting rid of clutter, so that your kitchen gets a boost in size without the help of any builders.

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