Tuesday, 27 December 2016

Being true to yourself

Another chatty post. Long-term readers may have noticed that I'm not exactly the girl next door for various reasons. I dress pretty eccentrically and I'm tattooed; I have unconventional interests as well as the fact that my house is like an eclectic pastel paradise..

Friends often say things like "I wish I had the confidence to wear that" or "I'd love to do my living room like yours but I'm not sure if my family would like it"

My advice is.. honestly - humans judge each other constantly. No matter what you do, you will be judged for something. In fact, you are already being judged so you might as well do what you want and be happier. Once you accept this simple fact then it really does set you free.

To illustrate my point, as a child and adolescent - I would be catergorised by others as the 'girl with the glasses' or the 'short girl with the northern accent'..now I'm the 'tattooed girl' or the 'girl who always wears flowers'. People love to lump others into categories and this does involve some level of judgement.

Get a tattoo, paint your staircase baby blue, wear your leopard print coat and your favourite floral dress at once. You will be judged no matter what you do so enjoy! Everyone in this world is different - embrace it and be yourself.

Saturday, 17 December 2016

Dealing with Change

Dealing with change is something that, historically, I've found pretty easy. I believe that this is because I've usually felt like I have little to no choice in whether this change happens and because the periods when the changes have occurred are at 'natural' times. For example, leaving my university life behind when I finished my degree. This involved a lot of upheaval as I had to uproot and move across the country and start proper 'adult' life.

But what about when there isn't a natural break and change hits you like a brick wall? Yesterday, I officially left my rewarding, gratifying job that I have been in since June 2015. I have been working as a Job Coach for young people with disabilities and it's been a great experience which I will always value. However, although my role was fulfilling for me because I was helping others to achieve their goals and become independent adults - it was time for me to progress.

I made the decision to move on to a new role by balancing out various factors.. it took me a long time to come to the decision. Having a completely open choice to bring something to an end or not is a powerful thing and I found it difficult.

Leaving behind something amazing and entering into the unknown is naturally going to produce feelings of unease but if we never choose to move on as we adapt and improve our skills then we will eventually stagnate.

Most decisions in life are going to be messy and unclear though, and the important thing is to own that decision and stand by it. There is not one linear route in life which you have to take and ultimately you would not be seeking that change without good reason. 

So, people - don't doubt yourselves! Empower yourselves to embrace change, even if it's change that you're making for yourselves. You will be stronger when you reach the other side of that change, confident in the knowledge that you can do it.