Wednesday, 10 August 2016

Spectrum Collections Makeup Brushes Review

I am so excited to review some of the Spectrum Collections brushes today! I think we've all seen their pretty mermaid-esque makeup brushes on our Instagram feed - they're absolutely gorgeous. As a company, their style reminds me a lot of Too Faced. I've swooned after them for a while and now finally own some of my very own. 

I ordered the four piece contour kit (£29.99) and when a matte black padded mail bag dropped on my doormat, I instantly knew it was my brushes! The aesthetic of this company is just so pretty, when I opened the bag my brushes were packaged in a transparent pink case which closes with a popper. Perfect for popping bits in when travelling.

Before discussing each individual brush, I would just like to note that these brushes are beautifully soft and the handles feel substantial without being heavy. I have used these brushes to create my base and they work amazingly. So they really are more than just a pretty face! Additionally, they are completely vegan and cruelty free.. Yay!

B01 - Flat Top Buffer - £8.99 single

The first brush is a flat top brush which I normally refer to as a stippling brush. It's perfect for blending liquid foundation or for applying cream contour or blush. I love this shape brush and use it all the time so I'm so glad that this was included in the set. I used this to apply my usual foundation and as well as being a joy to use, I got a lovely finish from it.

B02 - Domed Buffer - £8.99 single

I use this as a general powder brush. It can be used to apply pressed powder, bronzer or blusher and it does this beautifully.

C03 - Tulip Powder - £8.99 single

This brush is the star of the show for me. I've never actually had a brush this shape, it's fluffy and dense and tapers at the end which makes it perfect for applying highlight and contouring around the hairline. It's extremely effective as it allows a high degree of precision which results in a more professional looking face. I love love love this brush and don't know how I ever did my makeup without it!

C04 - Angled Powder - £8.99 single

This brush is perfect for contouring. I enjoy using angled brushes and this one is a dream to use.

I would definitely go for one of the sets if you're going to buy from Spectrum Collections. By purchasing a set you save just under £6 which is almost the price of a whole brush so the sets are amazing value. If you're in the market for some beautiful, soft and dense makeup brushes then I urge you to check out Spectrum. Their website can be accessed here, and here is their Instagram.

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