Saturday, 7 May 2016

NYX Round Lipsticks Review and Swatches

There are more and more NYX products available in the UK, my two most local Boots stores both have NYX counters where pretty much all the products are available including brushes and palettes.

The NYX Round Lipstick is a pretty iconic drugstore makeup product and it's one I've never gone crazy for to be honest due to the inconsistencies between the different shades. Despite being £4, the product is really hit and miss - with some shades having an amazing creamy formula and colour pay off and others being downright ugly. For example, Baby Pink comes out as a frosty white/pink sheer gloss on the lips.

However, there are two that I really like and I consider these to be holy grail for me as they are shades that I wear everyday and I have repurchased them. I would recommend these particular shades as they are lovely and creamy and the colours are gorgeous.

The shades are Circe and Strawberry Milk which I have swatched above. Circe is a lovely nude shade which works perfectly with my complexion and hair colour. Strawberry Milk comes off as a lovely bubblegum pink, and it doesn't make my teeth look yellow at all which is a definite bonus as a lot of these kind of pink shades tend to.

Strawberry Milk is really creamy and buildable. It is easy to achieve an opaque effect but it can be worn more pared down too. Circe is a nude best suited to lighter skin tones as it's more of a 'concealer lips' sort of shade. 

For darker skin tones, the shade Tea is lovely but it just didn't suit me unfortunately. Snow White is often recommended but for me I needed a tonne of lipliner on underneath to make this look passable so I wouldn't recommend this one.

If you're in the UK then you can grab NYX Round Lipsticks from Boots for £4!

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