Tuesday, 5 April 2016

Review: Vector Coast UK @ Etsy

It's been ages since I've bought some pretty hair grips so when I came across the selection on Vector Coast UK on Etsy - I had to order some! There's a large selection on there, my favourite were the roses. The store also sells lots of different handmade jewellery. Look how gorgeous the packaging is! I'm loving copper at the moment. Everything is really co-ordinated which is cool. 

I chose red grips because I usually go for pink. These are so precious, I'm literally in love with them. The actual grips are steel and the roses are resin. I have worn them for a full day, in very thick hair and they have kept my hair up which is awesome. With the bog standard brown hair grips, I constantly have to adjust them but once these were in I didn't have to worry about re-doing my hair at all. ANDD, I got compliments on them which is always a plus.

A pack of 2 grips are just £1.25 which is super super cheap. They are definitely worth more than this as they are so sturdy, well made and pretty. They arrived within a couple of days of ordering. 

It would be criminal not to check out Vector Coast UK. I love my purchase and - considering the price - it's ridiculously cheap and the packaging is absolutely gorgeous. 

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