Saturday, 16 January 2016

Etsy Shop Review: Eclecticult

Eclecticult is full of eclectic, kitsch, vintage and just generally lovely jewellery. Everything is hand made in Sheffield which isn't too far afield from me.

Here is what I picked out from the store. I adore sea shells and anything to do with sealife so this gold spun sea shell necklace really appealed to me. I don't actually own anything like it so it's totally unique in my collection. Her geode necklaces also stood out to me but I do have a Rose Quartz necklace and I wanted something totally different! 

I adore my lovely seashell necklace, the gold detailing on there completely elevates it to a new level of pretty. I find that it looks cute with quite plain outfits as it creates a focal point - I've worn it out casually with a black vest top and jeans and it looked gorgeous and I received lots of compliments.

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