Monday, 16 November 2015

Review: Forrest Sounds @ Etsy

Forrest Sounds is an adorable little shop with lots of needle felted creatures in lots of different colours and sizes. I ordered two little kitties and I'm ridiculously pleased with the whole ordering experience. 

I opened my little box which was filled with packaging to protect the kitties as well as a couple of notes and some surprise extras! There was a blue fishy and a pink mouse which I have included in the pictures. Aww, how gorgeous are they?! There was also some instructions to rub the fishy against the kitty to hold the fibres in place which worked. It's nice how she left me that little note or I probably wouldn't have known what to do.

I'm so pleased with my gorgeous kitties. The attention to detail is pretty amazing and they're just beautiful! I love their little paws on their underside too, such a nice touch. And they're only £6 each which I think is amazing. They come in all sorts of different colours and Kat will even do a custom order for you. There's also Alpacas... awww!

I love my beautiful kitties and I'm so glad that they're mine. Check out Forrest Sounds here, and here's the kitty listing.

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