Sunday, 15 November 2015

November Chit Chat

Happy November everyone! I'm busy getting ready for Christmas and working, I'm also supposed to be moving house very soon. It takes so long for a house purchase to go through and it can be incredibly frustrating at times. 

I went shopping on Friday evening and there's a new shop in Manchester called 'Smiggle' (where a smile meets a giggle).. the name is a little nauseating but it's really kawaii inside. Everything is so cute and I struggled to discipline myself in there with my money! I ended up buying a water bottle with kitties and sushi rolls on it, it has a little strap with the same design on there too.

It's really adorable. I'm yet to use it.. I plan on taking it to work tomorrow. But yes, definitely take a look at Smiggle if you're into cute stuff. I paid a visit to Wagamama as well, I decided to experiment and stray away from my usual choices.. (Chicken Katsu Curry or Duck Gyoza and a Side of Plain Noodles). I got the Chicken and Prawn Pad Thai and I actually really didn't like it and left loads which was sad. My boyfriend got his usual Duck Ramen though and loved it. My meal literally tasted like pure lemongrass, it was way too overpowering for me which is weird because I love strong flavours.

Anyways, enough rambling from me. Take care in this cold weather and stay safe in our dark evenings and I'll try to write some cool posts as we approach Christmas.

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