Saturday, 7 November 2015

Graze - Protein Box

Ahh, I'm so excited - I receive my first Graze Protein Box this week. I used to be signed up to Graze ages ago when it was pretty new - but it's expanded loads and there's so many new snacks. These are a few that I'm excited for

Vietnamese Pho 
This sounds lovely, it's described as a warming soup served with shiitake mushrooms, sesame seeds and rice noodles.

Super Kale and Edamame
Just, YES! I love both of these things.

Applewood Smoked Beef Jerky
This is one of the only types of meats that I really like - I love smoky flavours and salty ones too. Yum.

Rough Blend Peanut Butter with Pretzel Sticks
Peanut butter is one of my favourite things ever so I'd definitely enjoy this.

The reason that I'm going for a protein box is that protein keeps me full for a while and as I have a busy life - I think that this one would be great for me.

If you click through the links on my blog - or on the banner in the side bar you get 2 boxes for just £2 in total (£1 each) instead of £3.99 each! You'll get to try 8 of the snacks then and have a pretty good idea of how you'd tailor your future boxes if you wanted to carry on with Graze.

Click here if you'd like to redeem your 2 boxes for £2

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