Wednesday, 18 November 2015

Etsy Shop Feature: RLS Draws (Rachael Louise Artwork)

I received a beautiful package of Buffy-themed art today from Rachael Louise Artwork on Etsy. The photos are the ones from her shop as I was mindful that she had watermarked them and I didn't want anyone stealing her art so I'm using her photos.. just to clarify!

Everything came packaged in a cardboard-backed envelope so it was all flat and crease-free. The prints were also in plastic wallets. 

I love this Buffy and Spike art. They're my fave Buffy couple so I really wanted this drawing to put on my wall in a nice frame. The likeness is perfect, Rachael is a really talented artist! This particular scene is from "Once More With Feeling" (the musical episode!)

I also received this print which has a quotation from "The Gift" on there. It's the quote right before Buffy sacrifices herself for Dawn and jumps down to her death, it's a really sad and moving moment and I love the quotation on here. The eyes of the characters are really accurate as well, I was able to tell who each character was easily! I'm in love with this one! She also sent me this one in notepad form which is really handy, but also really pretty so I'm reluctant to use it.

I also was sent a little Spike notepad which is gorgeous and so cute. I love this drawing of Spike (YEESS!). All of Rachael's drawings are awesome. She has done a particularly nice one of Drusilla and Darla which is beautiful. Definitely check out Rachael's shop for lots of cool drawings.

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