Saturday, 10 October 2015

Review: Karma Se7en Body Jewellery

Karma Se7en's selection of Swarovski gemstone labret studs arrived today. These are pretty unique, I don't recall coming across any Swarovski body piercing jewellery before! When they came in the mail, it struck me how professionally they were packaged. When I order jewellery for my piercings online, its usually packaged in a little ziplock type bag. But as you can see below, Karma Se7en put a lot of effort into their packaging so you always have a nice little case for your earring.

I have my conch pierced so I thought that they would look cute in this piercing. I chose 3 different ones. The first one that I received was an antique cushion labret stud set with a genuine Topaz Swarovski gemstone (here). Ignore the ear redness as I took the photo literally as soon as I put it in and I was messing around with it for ages since my vision isn't the best. How sparkly and cute does it look?! It far surpasses any other earrings I've worn in terms of how glam it is!

I also received two pink Topaz gemstone labret studs. One is heart shaped (check it out here) and the other is the same style as the white Topaz one. I found it a little tricky taking the photos as they have to catch the light in order to really appreciate how cute they look.

Karma Se7en are currently running a BOGOF offer on all their jewellery so if you want to wear some gorgeous Swarovski gemstones in your piercings then definitely check out their website. They're super speedy with postage and I have zero complaints about their pretty earrings!

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