Monday, 26 October 2015

Review: Adorable Retro Kitsch @ Etsy

Adorable Retro Kitsch is full of cute vintage ornaments including lots of animal ones - in particular cats and dogs! I am partial to some kitsch decor once in a while so I decided to go for one of the lovely cat ornaments! I already have a couple of vintage kitties ready to be displayed in my new home but I wanted a white one and found a really cute one on this Etsy shop.

Here's the little kitty (displayed alongside my lovely glass pumpkin from Homesense). I had to give her a little wipe down with a baby wipe as she was a bit dusty but she's so lovely. She will look gorgeous on a shelf amongst my cute nick nacks, teacups etc in my new house!

Check out Adorable Retro Kitsch for lots of cute cat ornaments, the shipping was really quick too and she was packaged up super securely which is always a plus.

Etsy Shop Feature: Blueberry Treasures

I've posted about Blueberry Treasures before, and I've received another lovely one-off decoden item to show you guys. It's almost Halloween and Blueberry Treasures has some cute seasonal items in stock! I love the whole kawaii creepy/cute style so I was really excited to receive a unique Halloween frame.

So here's my photo frame, it's filled with spooky cabochons such as Sally from Nightmare Before Christmas, a little witch, a haunted house etc. It's very cute, and I love to decorate my house for Halloween as you can see so this will look lovely with a spooky drawing in there.

Friday, 23 October 2015

Review: Hannah's Herbs @ Etsy

Hannah's Herbs is an Etsy shop which sells lovely natural soaps made with herbal and botanical extracts. I have kindly been sent a couple of soaps to try and give my honest opinion on. Lots of her soaps are made with goat's milk and coconut oil so they're very moisturising products.

The first one that I tried was the winter spice snowflake shaped soap. This one is infused with sweet orange, clove, cardamom and cinnamon. It's all gold and glittery on the outside which is due to the gold mica. This almost made me not want to use it as it's so pretty, it looks perfect to hang on the tree. When I used this one, the warm spicy scent really started to come out. The oils made this soap very moisturising and it was a joy to use. The powdered cinnamon meant that it was actually a little exfoliating too.

I also tried the lavender and tea tree soap. This one is only lightly fragranced - but it's ideal for acne or treating your skin for lots of things due to the antibacterial and antifungal properties of tea tree. I enjoyed using this on my face, it really made my skin feel tight and refreshed. Tea tree can have a tendency to dry my skin out but this soap is infused with goats milk, coconut oil and shea butter so this one definitely won't dry the skin out! Again, this soap felt really moisturising to wash with and I enjoyed the subtle scent. I absolutely adore lavender.

Check out Hannah's Herbs if you're into natural cosmetics like I am. Her soaps are lovely to use and they're made with gorgeous herbal extracts. Her Christmas ones are especially good to hang on the tree as presents and they smell so good.

Review: Lather Love @ Etsy

Lather Love on Etsy sells lots of natural cold pressed soaps and salt scrub bars. The salt scrub bar is infused with coffee and peppermint so its great for tightening and refreshing the skin. It actually smells like candy canes.. it's absolutely gorgeous! I was pretty blown away by the beautiful sweet mint scent. The bar itself works really well in the shower, my skin felt amazing afterwards - it's fab to use before a night out as I was glowing all evening after using this. My skin smelt like sweet mint as well which was yummy.

Saturday, 17 October 2015

Etsy Shop Feature: Chicken and Tortoise

Chicken and Tortoise on Etsy sells all sorts of cute handmade things such as hessian bunting and adorable knitted egg cosies. I have been kindly sent a couple of items to show you guys. 

The first thing is a pack of hessian jam jar covers with little applique floral hearts. The covers are sewn around the edge to prevent fraying and they're absolutely precious for little jars of special home made preserves! There was also some twine in there and a little bag of elastic bands. These jam jar covers are so pretty, I can't wait to use them in my kitchen.

The second thing that I received is this beautiful 'Noel' Christmas bunting which is also made from hessian. It has four flags which are machine embroidered around the outside which prevents fraying as well as looking cute. There's plenty of twine either side as well which is great. 

I'm in love with my cute hessian goodies from Chicken and Tortoise. There's plenty of adorable things on their Etsy shop - there really is something for everyone!

Wednesday, 14 October 2015

Review: Moo Boo Creations @ Etsy

Moo Boo Creations is an Etsy shop which specialises in hand made garlands. There's lots of different designs, even custom ones with the lettering of your choice. I went for a love heart one!

Each heart has been blanket stitched with matching coloured thread. They are then decorated with colour co-ordinated sequins which are stitched on by hand. The hearts are stuffed with hobby fill which makes them look lovely and plump. They are then threaded together with white satin ribbon - you can move them as close or far apart as you like along the 2m long ribbon. I love this feature as it means that the garland can be customised to suit anyone's needs.

The garland came packaged in a pretty white box tied with red and white candy striped twine and two cute little stitched hearts. Inside, the garland is wrapped in tissue paper and secured to card with cute washi tape. The packaging is absolutely superb - Katie really cares about her customers and their experience of her shop. This is admirable and I already had a huge smile on my face before I even saw the garland.

Here's my beautiful garland. It's secured to the card with cute pink pegs - and all the hearts are done in varying shades of pink. Look how neatly the hearts are stitched around the edges! There's zero stuffing poking out, I don't think I've ever seen stitching as neat or consistent as this. I'm so impressed with my beautiful garland! It's very well-made - the sequins are stitched on super neatly and securely too. The hearts themselves are amazingly soft and squidgy, I'm in love.

I 100% recommend that you check out Moo Boo Creations, I will post a photo once it's up in my new house. 

Review: NiNE FRUiTS PiE @ Etsy

I recently received a lovely package from NiNE FRUiTS PiE on Etsy. NiNE FRUiTS PiE sells mainly accessories and jewellery. Claudia from NiNE FRUiTS PiE has kindly sent me some of her gorgeous kawaii pieces to show you guys.

The first thing I opened is this gorgeous rainbow necklace with a cloud charm and a little raindrop charm. This is made from shrunk plastic which has been hand drawn and coloured. It's so cute, I love it - it will look lovely worn with a vest top.

I then unwrapped this adorable donut charm bracelet. This piece is surprisingly weighty - the quality is great. I love the cute donut charm and the little stars are gorgeous too.

Claudia also sent me this precious starry hair bow with some pink ric-rac ribbon in the middle. I'm in love with ric-rac at the moment! This bow is very well made, I can't wait to wear it in my hair. Also, how cute are these candy floss earrings?! They're made of shrunk plastic like the necklace and they make me think of being at the fairground. Love it!

As you can see, NiNE FRUiTS PiE sells lots of beautiful handmade jewellery and accessories. Definitely check their shop out, there's plenty of different things on there to suit all tastes. Everything that I received is fab quality and I'm happy to recommend the shop to all.

Sunday, 11 October 2015

Saturday, 10 October 2015

Review: Karma Se7en Body Jewellery

Karma Se7en's selection of Swarovski gemstone labret studs arrived today. These are pretty unique, I don't recall coming across any Swarovski body piercing jewellery before! When they came in the mail, it struck me how professionally they were packaged. When I order jewellery for my piercings online, its usually packaged in a little ziplock type bag. But as you can see below, Karma Se7en put a lot of effort into their packaging so you always have a nice little case for your earring.

I have my conch pierced so I thought that they would look cute in this piercing. I chose 3 different ones. The first one that I received was an antique cushion labret stud set with a genuine Topaz Swarovski gemstone (here). Ignore the ear redness as I took the photo literally as soon as I put it in and I was messing around with it for ages since my vision isn't the best. How sparkly and cute does it look?! It far surpasses any other earrings I've worn in terms of how glam it is!

I also received two pink Topaz gemstone labret studs. One is heart shaped (check it out here) and the other is the same style as the white Topaz one. I found it a little tricky taking the photos as they have to catch the light in order to really appreciate how cute they look.

Karma Se7en are currently running a BOGOF offer on all their jewellery so if you want to wear some gorgeous Swarovski gemstones in your piercings then definitely check out their website. They're super speedy with postage and I have zero complaints about their pretty earrings!

Etsy Shop Review: In Days Gone By Vintage

I recently received a lovely lavender filled hanging heart from In Days Gone By Vintage on Etsy. I don't actually have a leopard print hanging heart yet so this will look so cute in my home. Leopard print ones are actually pretty rare!

Aaaw, how cute is this!? I love the little rose in the centre and the matching black ribbon - it really ties it all together. And of course, it smells divine because of the lavender. I'm so pleased with this, it's so pretty and totally me!

In Days Gone By Vintage can be found here on Etsy!

Etsy Shop Review: House of Vicness

I've already featured a few items from House of Vicness but I thought I'd show you a custom order that I received this weekend. I was so obsessed with the origami stars that I received last time that I paid for a custom mobile to be made in some colours of my choice.

I asked for pastel rainbow stars to be secured to light wood. It came in the post today and I absolutely love it. It's so pretty and kawaii and just gorgeous! If you like the cute mobiles on there but want slightly different colours then definitely pop a message through to the shop as custom orders are a route that you can go down to get a mobile that suits your home d├ęcor!

Saturday, 3 October 2015

Etsy Review: Lolly's Little Gift Shop (Lauren Jayne Designs)

You guys know my love of decoupage so when I saw the most gorgeous hand-decorated coasters on Lolly's Little Gift Shop - I had to have a look. They're made from clay from what I can gather and then decorated with Cath Kidston and Emma Bridgewater papers. They are then coated in clear varnish.

I went for the Cath Kidston Strawberry one as it's my fave. It's very sturdy and neatly decoupaged - and of course the design is gorgeous. 

My order was packaged beautifully in tissue paper with a cute floral note. I have pictured the underside of the coaster here too, and as you can see it's very well made.

Check out Lauren's coasters and other cute bits here.

Etsy Shop Review: Home Made of Clay

Home Made of Clay is one of those Etsy shops which just makes you smile when looking through it. All the cute crafty makes on there are just what you need to add the finishing touch to your homes, especially at Christmas time! ..And there's lots of cute Christmas decorations on there at the moment. Home Made of Clay has kindly sent me some bits to show you guys and give my honest opinion on, and some are Christmas-themed which is so exciting. I love Christmas, and I especially love dressing the house up.

The first thing I saw when I opened the box were some free-standing clay letters. I was slightly puzzled as I hadn't seen these on her shop and they were wrapped up separately and I couldn't make out what they spelled until I unwrapped them and put them in order. How adorable are they!? The word 'Snow' can be displayed from November-ish really as well and I'm always looking for an excuse to display my Christmas decs early so this is great. They're absolutely precious and she also sells 'Noel', 'Bake' and 'Xmas'. There's a Christmas version of 'Bake' and an all-year round version on there at the moment and they're both beautiful - I think it's really interesting how different you can make one word look... but I'm rambling now.. The point is, definitely check the free-standing letters out - they're to die for!

The next thing I pulled out was the most beautiful handmade clay cupcake bunting. This is so unique, I haven't seen anything like this before. The cute little clay cupcakes and flags are so pretty, this will look lovely in my home. I will hang this in my entrance hall I think, to welcome everyone into my home! The detail on there is very intricate - I love the detail on there, Fiona has certainly got some talent!

I then opened a gorgeous hanging decoration with a Christmas pudding on there. This is cute, it will look lovely on my tree - I like having little one-off pieces on there. It has a hessian tie which I always love as it looks really rustic. Fiona also sent me a little hanging heart with 'Thank You' on there - this is cute and will make a nice gift for someone when they've done something for me. I always like to surprise people with gifts when they've done something lovely and not expected anything for it. These cute little hearts are perfect for those random acts of kindness!

With my package, Fiona also wrote me a hand-made card with a clay heart on the front. How gorgeous is it!? She sells these on her shop as well and they're so reasonably priced!
Check out Home Made of Clay here, her little creations are so pretty and thoughtfully made.

Feature: Icon And Co Wales (Etsy)

Icon and Co's Etsy shop is full of unique, handmade shabby chic furniture. I absolutely fell in love with the distressed, cute style of their furniture and I just had to have my own piece. Icon and Co actually specialise in making all sorts of exciting things including movie props and retail units. Their shop is just beautiful and everything is a one-off!

You guys know of my obsession with pink, so some pink shelving was definitely needed in my new house. My favourite style was the "Pembroke" design so I went for that one. It's a unit with 2 shelves, a pelmet on the top and a cut-out heart at the bottom. It's a French-style unit which I've seen quite a bit of recently. They look absolutely lovely with teacups and other cute bits on display.

On to my particular unit, it's painted in a gorgeous pastel pink and it's been lightly distressed to reveal some of the undercoat. I absolutely love this effect, it's precious - it creates such a country kitchen kind of vibe. I'm not actually sure where I'm going to hang this piece though, it would work in any room - not just the kitchen! There's fixing brackets on the back there too so there's no fussing when it comes to hanging it. The piece is just so well made, I can't make any criticism when it comes to how it's assembled or painted. I'm just thrilled! I will be sure to post some pics on here when I move in to my new home and display some cute things on there!

I'm in love with my gorgeous pink shelves. They're so shabby chic and I just want wait to display all my cute bits and bobs on there. Thank you so much Icon and Co Wales for creating such a beautiful piece for me - totally tailor made to my wishes! Definitely check out Icon and Co - their work is mind-blowing - I'm so pleased with my gorgeous piece! Also visit Icon and Co's Facebook here.