Monday, 14 September 2015

Review: MKK Wooden Stuff

MKK Wooden Stuff has its own standalone shop as well as an Etsy shop. It specialises in home decor items such as coasters, candle holders, shelves etc. I have kindly been sent a couple of items for review purposes, and I'm excited to show them to you!

The first is this set of 3 floating mahogany tealight holders. They have been finished with paint along the sides which is difficult to see on my photo but you can definitely check them out on their shop here. They have been finished with waterproof varnish so as well as holding up when in the water, they look lovely and shiny! These would create such a soothing atmosphere, I cannot wait to use them when winding down on a Friday night. What an amazing idea! These tealight holders are very Scandinavian in style.

I then received this pretty candle presented in a wooden bowl with a hand painted orange rim! It's in the scent 'strawberries in chocolate' which is such a lovely scent. I love soy wax candles and this one smells so yummy. If you get one of these, remember to trim the wicks to about a cm. This candle is really gorgeous and as I started to burn it, the scent definitely travelled around my house as I could smell it in the kitchen! I also love that I can re-use this bowl when the candle is all burned out. The bowl is very pretty and neatly hand painted. 

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