Thursday, 17 September 2015

Review: Melissa Nettleship @ Etsy

Melissa Nettleship is a cute little Etsy shop filled with gorgeously designed products with unicorns, kitties, dragons etc. I'm a sucker for anything cute as you know so this shop definitely caught my eye.

I have 3 items to show you guys. The first is an A6 notepad. It has plain paper inside and on the front is an illustrated dragon which is inspired by Haiku from Spirited Away. I love Studio Ghibli so I instantly recognised this design as being inspired by Haiku. I love the illustration, it's quite calming to look as because of the clouds and the dragon is beautiful. I'm really pleased with this item, it's very pretty.

The second thing is a mirror with a unicorn design on the back of it. The unicorn is adorable, it's a little chubby one! I always need mirrors as I keep a different one in every handbag for some reason. The mirrors are available in a few colours as well like the badges which is fab. The colours are actually really vivid on all these items.

And finally I got some badges which I just mentioned. They feature the same unicorn print and they are packaged in a little unicorn packet too! They're very pretty, I cannot wait to use them.

Definitely check out Melissa Nettleship as she sells the cutest items. All the items are illustrated by the shop owner and everything that I received was amazing quality!

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