Thursday, 17 September 2015

Review: Lime Elephant Project @ Etsy

As I'm on the brink of moving house, I've been looking for some lovely tableware. Me and my boyfriend eat a lot of bread and olive oil so I wanted a nice dipping bowl for us to use. I discovered Lime Elephant Project on Etsy who sell amazing wheel-thrown stoneware bowls.

I love the glaze on my dipping bowl, it's really modern-looking I think. I don't usually go for modern styles, except from geometric designs which I love... but I really love how this looks. It's nice and weighty which I like in my tableware and ceramics - I like things to be substantial!

As well as using this as a dipping bowl, it could be used as a dish to hold jewellery or nick nacks, or just as a general ornament. This bowl is food safe though and it's recommended that it should be hand washed. The bowl itself is 12cm in diameter and 4cm deep.

Check out Lime Elephant Project here.

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  1. So glad you like our little dipping bowl Abbi. Thank you for your review. Lin