Saturday, 5 September 2015

Review: Chill Pad UK on Etsy

Who can resist cute gaming-themed magnets and coasters made with hama beads!? I certainly can't which is what led me to ordering from Chill Pad UK which is accessible here and is to be accessible in the near future here.

I think that the hama beads work really well when making retro game creations. It gives them a sort-of 'pixellated' look which looks so cool. Anyways, after much deliberation, I went with the 3 original Pokemon starters in their original 8 bit style. This brings back pretty awesome memories of Pokemon Red on my Gameboy.

Here they are in all their glory! They're much bigger than I expected which is always a plus. And of course they're incredibly cute. I always chose Squirtle! These magnets are only £5 with free delivery for the set which is well worth it.

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