Saturday, 12 September 2015

Review: Body Jewellery Shop

You guys have seen my Body Jewellery Shop posts before and you know that I love getting all my earpiercing jewellery from there! 

This time I went for another pair of glitter earrings - they're heart shaped and gold. My other ones are pink and I wear them all the time, the glitter really catches the light and looks so cute.

I also went for something a bit different - a fake/illusion ear plug. I used to have slightly stretched ears years ago, but nowadays I want to be able to wear regular earrings as well as plugs so I was intrigued by the illusion ear plugs. It's very pretty and has a rose on the front which you screw off when inserting the earring.

I was a little concerned when I opened the package as the actual earring looks too thick for my lobe piercing. It took a couple of minutes of wiggling but I did get it in. It was a little painful to insert and my ear lobe went red for a while but it soon settled down and it looks really cute! I really like how this one looks.

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